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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Facilities Management & Development


How do I submit a work order?

There are five options:

  1. Use one of the Work Order Request forms
  2. Visit our M.O.C office RM. B6 in the Basic Science Building.
  3. Fax Work Order Request Forms to the M.O.C. office at X2803.
  4. Mail Work Order Request Forms to M.O.C. at MSC # 13.
  5. In an emergency, call extension 1212

Where can I find the FM&D office?

The Facilities Management & Development office is conveniently located on the first floor room 1-15 in the Basic Science Building.

Where do I call for Heating, Air Conditioning or Refrigeration needs?

The FM&D's Control Division under the direction of Mr. Michael Milawski (Associate Director) and (Plant Maintenance Coordinator ). Contact the Control Room at Extension 2810 for all HVAC matters.

Who is responsible for the setup's of tables and chairs?

Our Building Services Division under the direction of Mr. John LoPresti (Associate Director). But, first contact our M.O.C. office to obtain a work order for the job requested. The telephone number for Building Services is 270-2725

What is Right to Know?

Everyone is usually curious about the Right to Know Office of the Environmental Health and Safety Division of FM&D. Right to Know is State of New York workplace requirement regulated by the Administration. The Right to Know department's main responsibility is to make sure you as an employee is SAFE at the work place. The Right to Know department houses a library of MSDS's or Material Safety Data Sheets that provides a vast amount of information on all chemicals and substances utilized here at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. From Wite-out on your desktop to the chemical Formaldehyde in the Anatomy labs you can get information like:

  1. How to handle.
  2. Storage info
  3. Cancer causing status
  4. Chemical Makeup
  5. Flammability Rate
  6. Manufacturer contact information.

For More information contact Mr. Brian Pitt at (718)270-1216.

When is the work requested going to start?

If it is an emergency, the repairs are made immediately. On the other hand, non-emergency work requested usually start in about a weeks time.

How are capital (bonded) programs paid for?

A capital bonded project is a major project classified as either a Critical Maintenance project or a Strategic Initiative project. These projects are funded through the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) as allocated to the University through the State Legislative Process. This can be anything from a new campus building to renewal of existing campus infrastructure.

Program definitions
Critical Maintenance (CM):

A Critical Maintenance project is defined as work that is required to ensure the integrity of buildings, site or utility infrastructure that is necessary to maintain critical functions of the University. This is typically done through the renewal of building systems.

The Departments of Physical Plant Operations: Maintenance and Custodial and Facilities Management & Design (FM&D) work together to continually evaluate and assess existing conditions in order to identify Critical Maintenance projects. These projects are coordinated with the administrative leadership to align with comprehensive physical plans.

Strategic Initiative (SI):

A Strategic Initiative project is defined as work that is required as part of the development of a long-range strategy for achieving Campus priorities. Typically this is a new campus building or major renovation of an existing building.

Strategic Initiative projects are identified by Administrative Leadership. FM&D administers delivery of these projects from design through construction.

Campus Project Delivery:

CM and SI projects are delivered through FM&D. FM&D then determines if the project will be administered by the Campus or through the State University Construction Fund (SUCF). FM&D coordinates with various departments on campus that are affected by individual projects. FM&D also works in conjunction with Physical Plant Operation / Maintenance and Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) and other campus stakeholders to ensure coordination with campus interests.