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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Downstate Depot - Central Receiving

Incoming Shipping Requirements

Central Receiving INFO

Phone: 718-270-1217
Fax: 718-270-4773
MailStop: 61
Email: Reception Desk
Location: UH B-527 (Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A ;UH Basement opposite Medical Records)
Hours: M-F 8:30am to 4pm
Asst Director: Vacant (Kevin LeDoux retired 12/31/17)
Deputy Director: Victor Haynes, Ext 3074 (718-270-3074)

All DMC Main Campus shipments received from carriers through the Receiving dock are separated into two groups: non-state and state funded.

All state funded shipments at the Main Campus and all off-site locations are electronically processed via the State University Receiving System (SURS) that assists Accounts Payable in paying invoices timely.

State funded and all non-state funded shipments are then staged for internal delivery. detail policy link.

Plan in advance: When requisitioning any item that involves any incoming shipment to DMC (any funding source), be sure you are familiar with these DMC incoming shipment requirements. Plan the purchase so that your department is able to accept a shipment upon its arrival to DMC, including having the space to receive the shipment upon its arrival. Shipments are NOT to be left on the Central Receiving loading dock overnight, or stored in any location that present a fire code violation.

Large Equipment or Large Furniture Shipments: The recipient department initiating a purchase (regardless of funding source) is responsible for making any/ all needed advance logistic arrangements, including if your shipment involves any special circumstances such as delivery being predicated on specific phase/ date of a renovation project, delivery to an alternate temporary staging location for assembly logistics, etc. The recipient department is expected to make every effort to advance plan and coordinate the logistics of shipment arrival that maximizes efficient DMC labor and space - including avoiding of temporary storage wherever possible. When the final internal delivery location is an off-site location (outside the UHB, BSB or HSEB buildings, highlight the need for a direct vendor delivery to its final internal destination location. In all such cases, be certain to include clear instructions in the 'comments' section of your requisition and discuss in advance any needed logistics with the assigned Procurement Agent and Central Receiving.

ALL shipments MUST comply with the following:

Shipping Label:

All DMC Shipments anticipated to be received through Central Receiving must be in the following format (note required fields):

SUNY Downstate Medical Center (UHB, HSCB, or the affiliate's name are acceptable)

Central Receiving M-F 8:30am-4pm (Helps drivers!)
PO#: _______________ (REQUIRED. See DMC's PO#@ formats)
Recipients Name, Building and Room # (REQUIRED)
445 Lenox Rd ( "450 Clarkson Ave" is also acceptable, but 445 Lenox Rd better helps drivers since the CReceiving entrance is on Lenox Rd )
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

Alternate Shipping Label instructions will be given by the Purchasing Agent for all direct vendor deliveries to off-site locations (ie: any off-site primary care satellites).

Failure to have all required information on the Shipping Label will result in either package delays, or the package being returned to sender. State Purchasing issues these instructions with every State PO and continues to make every effort to follow up with non-compliant vendors. If you need Purchasing’s assistance with any continuing non-complying vendor, contact Purchasing.

Your DMC SHIPPING ADDRESS is different from your MAILING address (see DMC Mail Services link).

Packing Slip:

All Shipments must have a packing list attached to the OUTSIDE of each package (or to the outside of palletized shipments). Failure to have packing list on exterior of shipment will result in package being opened for retrieval of packing list, and/or package being returned to sender.

Palletized Shipments:

Purchasers: Be sure to advise the vendor if shipment(s) are anticipated to be delivered on pallets to the DMC Main Campus.

Vendors: Palletized shipment must comply with requirements below to meet DMC Main Campus elevator and doorway limitations:

Pallet dimensions:

Stacked material dimensions:

Maximum weight:
800 Pounds

All palletized deliveries must be shrink-wrapped with the appropriate packing slip on the exterior.

Direct Vendor Inside Delivery of Shipments to Internal Destinations (Any State PO shipment NOT processed and delivered through DMC Main Campus Central Receiving):

Incoming Direct vendor shipments on State PO's to DMC's Satellite locations including Bay Ridge, Midwood/ Nostrand Ave, Family Health Services/ 840LeffertsBlvd, and Dialysis/ 710PSA: DMC Staff at these off-sites are required to sign and fax all packing slips to Main campus Central Receiving so that the shipment can be entered into the DMC Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment.

Main Campus shipments on State PO's with Direct Vendor Inside Delivery: Whenever a State PO delivery does not occur at/ through DMC Central Receiving- including whenever a vendor makes direct delivery of a State PO item to an internal destination, typically for equipment vendor installation/ set up, or very large shipments that are made directly by vendor to one of the main campus off-site buildings. DMC Staff at the internal destination are required to sign and send all packing slips to Central Receiving so that the shipment can be entered into the DMC Central Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment.

PO# Formats (all funding sources):

All shipments (all DMC locations) must have a PO number on the Shipping Label and Packing Slip:

Funding Source PO # On Shipping Label Must begin with the letter:
State # as assigned by State Purchasing
State Procurement Card* (Purchase Agents) # assigned by Purchasing, ends with V
State Procurement Card* (End User Departments) CCNN-NNN-NNN (N = departments normal req #)
Research Foundation*> R… (as assigned by ORA)
All Other Affiliates* (HSCB Foundation, FSA, UPB, Arthur Ashe Institute, construction /contractor funded, etc.) A…(affiliate's PO numbering plan)**
No Charge Shipments* NC
* These shipments will be received and immediately staged for internal delivery (NO SURS entry).
** Each affiliated entity may use its own PO numbering methodology after the prescribed letter A. Since the PO numbers will not be individually recorded upon delivery, it does not matter whether one affiliate duplicates the same PO number.

Personal non-business related shipments (such as catalog and or Internet retail purchases) to staff members are not permitted and will be returned.