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Office of Compliance and Audit Services

Employee Training

SUNY DMC recognizes the importance of communicating effectively its Code of Conduct and applicable Federal and State regulations to all of its employees and agents. Thus, it is the intent of SUNY DMC to require all new hires to be appropriately trained as part of the orientation program provided to new employees of SUNY DMC. New employee training includes, but is not limited to, education on the following topics:

  • Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
  • Adherence by employees to SUNY DMC's Compliance Program
  • Deficit Reduction Act and associated fraud & abuse laws
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security
  • Documentation, coding and billing for Professional billing (i.e. Professional Compliance)
  • Documentation, coding and billing for Technical billing (i.e. Corporate Compliance)
  • Compliance Line system and employee obligation to report suspected violations
  • Ethical and legal requirements in Research (i.e. Research Compliance - Conflicts of Interest)

Compliance training is required of all employees and is a condition of employment. Failure to meet education and training requirements will result in disciplinary action. Completion of required compliance training will be closely monitored and documented. The VP-OCAS maintains training records and reports detailing training activities for all employees. Summary reports of compliance with education and training requirements will be provided to the CAOC as necessary.

» Request Enrollment - To request new user enrollment in Compliance Training - Department Administrators can submit this completed form   to

» Before you begin the training, click on the link below for Compliance Training Instructions:

  • General Instructions / All Courses (HIPAA, Corporate Compliance, Deficit Reduction Act (DRA), Documentation Integrity, ICD-10 (for providers), Professional Compliance, Research Compliance - Conflicts of Interest)

» Click on the link below to log-on to Compliance Training:



Research Education

      For the Research CITI Program training and other research training resources, please visit the Office of Research Administration website at the link below: