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Office of Compliance and Audit Services

Welcome to OCAS - the Office of Compliance and Audit Service website

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center (SUNY DMC) is proud of its long tradition of ethical and responsible conduct and is committed to continuing to conduct its business lawfully and ethically. Each member of SUNY DMC is expected to adhere to this high standard whenever he or she acts on behalf of SUNY DMC. This includes, but is not limited to, when dealing with other employees, patients and their families, vendors, government regulators or the general public. Violations of legal or ethical requirements jeopardize the welfare of SUNY DMC, its employees, patients and the communities it serves.

The Compliance Program is intended to define the conduct expected of colleagues and employees, to provide guidance on how to resolve questions regarding legal and ethical issues, and to establish a mechanism for reporting of possible violations of law or ethical principles within SUNY DMC.

The Compliance Program applies to all SUNY DMC entities, including the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Health Related Professions, University Physicians of Brooklyn, Clinical Practice Management Plan, University Hospital of Brooklyn and the Research Foundation.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Compliance & Audit Services at (718) 270-4033 and use this website to support your compliance activities. Compliance is everyone's responsibility.

OCAS Divisions

The Office of Compliance and Audit Services (OCAS) serves the entire SUNY Downstate Medical Center and includes the following divisions:


The Office of Compliance and Audit Services is staffed by the following professionals:

RENEE PONCET - Vice President, Compliance and Audit
Vanessa Carter - Executive Assistant

SHOSHANA MILSTEIN, RHIA, CHP, CCS - Assistant Vice President, Compliance and Audit
Alexandra Bliss, CHC, CPHIT, CPEHR- Compliance Coordinator
Zhanna Kelley - Compliance Training Specialist

CARMELLE LECORPS, MS, RHIA, CCS-P - Director, Clinical Reimbursement
Anne Matterson, MPH, RHIA - Compliance Manager
Diana Thompson, RHIA - Compliance Manager
Ingrid Morris, MA, CCS-P - Compliance Specialist
Alma Wilson, AAHA- Compliance Specialist

Cheryl Kilkenny, CPA, MS - Director, Internal Audit & Control