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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

President's Reaffirmation

To the Downstate Community:

I am pleased to reaffirm and share with you the Non-Discrimination Policies and Procedures for SUNY Downstate Medical Center (Downstate). Our non-discrimination policies are accessible on the Office of Diversity and Inclusion's (OlD) website.

These policies prohibit discrimination in the recruitment and education of students; in the recruitment, selection, hiring and all other terms and conditions of employment for faculty and staff and in the operation of Downstate's programs and activities. In accordance with applicable federal and state mandates and SUNY regulations, our policies apply to all persons without regard to race, age, sex, LGBT identity, color, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, status as a victim of domestic violence, or status as a military veteran.

The Assistant Vice President of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Kevin L. Antoine, JD, has oversight over all of SUNY Downstate's policies for diversity and inclusion, EEO, and Affirmative. He can be reached by calling (718) 270-1738, or by email at ODI is a good resource for advice and guidance and serves both employees and students. ODI's office is located in 440 Lenox Road and is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Employees and students who are disabled should also be aware that they may be entitled to reasonable accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Accommodation Act. For students, the primary contact is Vice President Jeffrey Putman, Dean of Student Affairs, at (718) 270-2187. For employees, the primary contact is Ms. Yvonne Thomas, Reasonable Accommodation Officer in the Department of Human Resources at (718) 270-3022. Students should also be aware that for issues regarding access to education programs the primary contact is Shaundelle Goldsmith, JD Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Title IX Programs. Ms. Goldsmith can be reached in ODI at 718-270-3058.

For students it shall be the responsibility of the faculty and of the administrative officials to make available to each student who is absent from school, because of religious belief, an equivalent opportunity to make up any examination, study or work requirement that (s) he may have missed because of such absence. No fees of any kind shall be charged.

I urge each of you to become familiar with the respective policies and to follow them both in letter and in spirit. They constitute a critical foundation for good employee relations and genuine fairness in our working environment. SUNY Downstate has long been committed to maintaining a respectful, fair working and learning environment, free from discrimination or harassment. We seek to prevent discrimination from occurring and to provide an effective means of raising and promptly resolving complaints.

I would urge any SUNY Downstate employee or student who feels that (s) he has not been treated fairly for reasons related to illegal discrimination to report formally to the ODI. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is ready and able to respond to these issues and resolve them where possible. We will continue to take affirmative steps to support and advance these principles.


Michael Lucchesi, MD
Officer in Charge
Chief Medical Officer
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine