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Clerkship in Emergency Medicine

Clerkship Director: Charlene An, MD

Co-Clerkship Director: Linda Fan, MD
SUNY KCHCTel: 718-245-2975
Email: Charlene An:
Email: Linda Fan:

The Emergency Medicine clerkship is a four-week required rotation for fourth year medical students at SUNY Downstate School of Medicine. The rotation consists of fifteen 8-hour shifts in the Kings County Hospital Adult Emergency Department (both the critical care and low acuity areas), the Kings County Pediatric Emergency Department, and the University Hospital of Brooklyn Emergency Department.
Senior Medical students are expected to function independently to evaluate, diagnose and manage undifferentiated illness and students benefit from continuous attending and resident attention and supervision during their shifts in the ED. For many students, this is an opportunity  to hone skills acquired throughout the third year and gain advanced procedural skills.

Charlene An, MD
Charlene An, M.D.
Clerkship Director

Linda Fan, MD

Co-Clerkship Director

To successfully complete the course, students must complete all shifts, turn in their faculty evaluations, pass a Shelf exam, a short answer exam and oral exam and complete their procedure and case logs. Students are currently graded on a honors/high pass/pass/low pass/fail basis.
We feel that the clerkship in emergency medicine is an exciting opportunity for medical students to be introduced to clinical medicine in the setting that harbors some of the most diverse medical pathology in the country.
Students beginning the rotation may contact Charlene An or Linda Fan at 718-245-2975 or

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