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Department of Family Medicine

Residency Program

Clinical Sites

There are two Family Medicine Centers.
One is located in the outpatient area of the State University Hospital (Suite B). The other is a free standing community health center (Family Health Services) located about one mile from the hospital.

Continuity of care is a priority in the centers. Patients present with a multitude of complex and challenging medical, psychological and social problems.

Our staff work extremely well together. Most of the staff have lived in the neighborhood for years and as a result help educate the residents as to what is really happening in the community.

Faculty Physicians and Community Family Practitioners provide on- site education and direction for the residents during clinic hours.

Continuity of Care Clinic
Central to each resident's education, weekly half day sessions at one of the two clinical FM sites allow the resident to work with an individual panel of patients over the full three year program. Starting with one half day per week in the first year and building to three or four half -days per week in the third, the resident will have the opportunity to follow patients through a broad range of acute and chronic medical problems, family developments, and social and community challenges.

On going clinical encounters help the resident to develop a family-oriented and holistic approach to patient care; the resident's evolving knowledge base will guide the evaluation, management and prevention of medical and psychological conditions.

Appointments can be made by calling (718) 270-1801 or -1896 for the Family Medicine Center, and (718) 493-0300 for Family Health Services. Call the physician referral line (718) MED-SUNY to get help in selecting the right doctor for you. You can also find out information about medical services, available office hours, patient parking and directions by public transportation.