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The Brooklyn Association of Teen Educators  (BATES) and Brooklyn Adolescent Service Network for AIDS Prevention (BASNAP) networks were established to encourage service providers and peer education groups in Brooklyn to work together on community projects that serve at-risk youth.  BATES sponsors an annual conference for youth each year to empower teens to work towards positive goals in their lives. 

The Brooklyn Adolescent Service Network for AIDS Prevention (BASNAP) was founded in November 1989 by a joint coalition including: SUNY Downstate AIDS Prevention Center, Project Reach Youth, Health Watch Information and Promotion Service, and the SUNY HIV Education and Research Project. Since then, the Network has expanded and now includes 33 service providers agencies that address of HIV prevention and related issues in adolescents. The goals and purpose of BASNAP are to enhance coordination among adolescent HIV service providers and to disseminate information among providers and the general public. To achieve its goals, the Network gathers information about existing adolescent HIV service providers throughout the borough. A calendar of upcoming events and announcements describing member organizations and services for adolescents is maintained and updated periodically.

The Network also serves as an educational resource on HIV-related issues for community organizations that serve adolescents. As part of this program, various members of BASNAP provide educational presentations, peer counseling and HIV prevention and treatment updates for clients and staff of the aforementioned organizations.

The Network is open to any organization providing HIV services for adolescents. Other youth organizations are welcome to send a brief description of their services so that they may be listed in the Network's directory. BASNAP will also facilitate the development of HIV-related services by organizations that currently do not provide them but would like to do so. If you would like additional information or would like to become a member of BATES and/or BASNAP, please contact:

Christine Rucker, MA
Director of Adolescent Education Program; Co-Chair BASNAP
Phone: (718) 270-3203
Fax: (718) 270-1924