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Patient Care and Services

Clinical Care at University Hospital of Brooklyn

At University Hospital, outpatient medical care is provided to HIV+ adults in the Special Treatment and Research (STAR) Health Center. The STAR Health Center provides medical examinations, patient education, care coordination, hormone therapy, nutritional counseling, substance use counseling, buprenorphine therapy, acupuncture, treatment adherence counseling, social work and psychiatry services. Specialized gynecological care is given to HIV+ women. High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA), Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) services are available. For more information, please call (718) 270-3745.

Clinical Care at Kings County Hospital Center (KCHC)

The HIV Center for Women and Children provides the clinical staffing and leadership for HIV clinical care based at both SUNY's University Hospital of Brooklyn (UHB) and its municipal hospital affiliate, Kings County Hospital Center (KCHC). Under the direction of Dr. Ninad Desai, the Alliance for Family Education Care and Treatment (AFFECT) is the umbrella organization at KCHC that comprises the Family Care Center (FCC), the Choices of Healthy Alternatives for Teens (CHAT) Program, CAPC, and the rapid testing program funded by MHRA. KCHC is the largest provider of HIV care in Brooklyn, currently serving more than 1,000 HIV+ adults. In addition to comprehensive medical care to both HIV+ mothers and their children, AFFECT's programs provide HIV testing, counseling, developmental assessments and case management services to men, women, children and youth living with and affected by HIV.

Infant and Child Learning Center

HIV+ children from throughout Brooklyn may be referred to the Infant and Child Learning Center (ICLC). The Center provides a comprehensive educational, therapeutic, and psychosocial program to children with developmental delays, ages birth to five and their families. Under the direction of Dr. Joan Hittelman, the ICLC provides a supportive environment where families are able to express their feelings and concerns and seek available community and financial resources without fear of being stigmatized. Services are funded by NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute, and the NYC & NYS Departments of Education.