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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Liaison Committee on Medical Education Self-Study


Date Activity
12/2011 – 1/2012 The Dean appoints the institutional Self-Study Task Force and Steering Committee. The Dean and Steering Committee set up committee structure and charges, appoint committee members and initiate student analysis. Data collection begins.
2/2012 Kick-Off Event at New York Marriott Brooklyn Bridge on February 14, 2012. Committee chairs identify committee coordinators and schedule first meeting.
3/1/2012 – 6/1/2012
Self-Study Coordinator distributes completed database sections to the Self-Study Task Force and appropriate committees. Committees review and analyze the database, address committee charges, recommend actions, and prepare reports.
6/1/2012 – 12/1/2012
Self-Study Task Force reviews committee reports and prepares the self-study summary report. The report will conclude with a list of institutional strengths, issues requiring attention, and recommendations for addressing any identified problems. Strategies to address problems will be implemented as appropriate.
11/23/2012 LCME Secretary sends survey instructions and list of survey team members to the Dean. The Self-Study Coordinator reviews the database, self-study summary report, and other required documents for accuracy, consistency, and currency. After any needed updating is done, the documents will be sent to each member of the LCME survey team, with an additional copy sent to each LCME Secretary. The secretary of the survey team will contact the site visit coordinator shortly after receiving the school’s accreditation materials, to begin work on the schedule and planning for the site visit.
1/11/2013 School sends any database additions or changes to the survey team and to both LCME Secretaries, along with a finalized visit schedule.
2/25/2013 – 2/27/2013 Survey team visits the school.
4/19/2012 – 5/19/2013
Draft survey report is prepared and sent to the dean for comments
6/14/2013 – 6/21/2013
Final report is circulated to LCME members for review prior to the next quarterly meeting.
6/28/2013 – 7/1/2013
Final LCME action on accreditation status. The Dean and Medical Center President are notified of the LCME decision regarding accreditation and sent copies of the final survey report.