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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Downstate Depot - Mail Services

Mail Services INFO

Phone: 718-270-1175
Fax: 718-270-2043
MailStopCode: 2000
Email: Mail Services Supervisors
Location: UH B-529 (Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; UH Basement opposite Medical Records)

Mon-Fri 8:30am-6pm, except holidays

Express Mail

UPS, USPS Express Mail, FedEx and Same Day Couriers

United Parcel Service (UPS) is currently the sole New York State OGS contract vendor for Domestic Express and Ground Deliveries and has demonstrated quality performance at lower pricing. DMC Mail Services has been utilizing UPS as our primary overnight Courier Service since August 2010. UPS also provides Express and Economy International Courier Services.

Other courier providers can be utilized with State funds only where specific needs apply such as USPS is used for express service to a USPS Box#, or where UPS service to a specific destination is less reliable.

NOTE: Returns or Shipments involving State-funded procurement discrepancies or Equipment for repairs and handled by Central Receiving & Stores and must follow the Outbound Shipment procedure. Complete the Outbound Shipment Form.

Using UPS:

  • DMC Mail Services will have UPS shipping supplies and airbill forms available to help DMC Customers transition to UPS Courier Services. See link to UPS Airbill sample instructions below .
  • To ensure next day delivery, bring your UPS envelopes and packages to either:
  1. DMC Mail Services: no later than 4:45pm. Scheduled pick-up time is 5pm.
  2. UPS Drop Boxes for envelopes and small packages by 5:45pm. Scheduled pick-up time is Mon-Fri ONLY 6pm. UPS Drop Boxes are located at:
    • BSB main entrance (curbside on NYAve at BSB entrance ramp)
    • State Garage (135 East 34 Street; inside garage, adjacent to the exit Booth/ Office). This location is recommended for better security!
    • Your box/ envelope must fit in the UPS Drop Box slot.
    • Include your 8 digit State or full RF Account # in the UPS Airbill “Reference Number” field; UPS will not pickup items without a “Reference Number” filled in.

As always, contact Mail Services at Ext. 1175 to determine (based on your package type, delivery needs, and destination) the most cost effective and expedient express service options available. United States Postal Service (USPS) will continue to be utilized for all other out-going mail including overnight mail to P.O boxes as well as Military Service related mailings.

All express services are coordinated through Mail Services. Centralization of these services enables all departments to share the available discounts and simplifies the billing process. Departments shall bring the express mail piece to the Central Mail Services unit along with a signed purchase requisition.

Last pick-up for USPS Express Mail is 4pm SHARP!

Mail addressed to a Post Office Box# typically requires sending via USPS Express Mail.

FedEx pick-up time is Monday-Friday by 5pm SHARP!

Mail Services Supervisors can provide the best guidance for the best express courier service based upon the intended destination.