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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Downstate Depot – Mail Services

Mailing Services INFO
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Phone: 718-270-1175
Fax: 718-270-2043
MailStop: 2000
Email: Mail Services
Location: UH B-529.
(Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; opposite Medical Records.)
Hours: M-F 8:30am to 5pm, except holidays

Incoming mail (from USPS)

YOUR OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS: USPS has ever-increasing mail sorting automation which relies on accurate addressing. To maximize timely USPS delivery, ALL incoming USPS mail, including any regular subscriptions or mailing lists you are on, must be addressed as follows:

MAIN CAMPUS: regardless of the street address of the DMC building in which you are located, your official USPS mailing address is:

SUNY Downstate Medical Center:


Your Full Name, Your Title if desired.
Your Department if desired. Your MailStop Code (abbreviated as "MSC") *
  SUNY Downstate Medical Center
(or University Hospital of Brooklyn, or your DMC-affiliated
company name )


450 Clarkson Ave (For UH departments, 445 Lenox Rd is also acceptable)

(Required 9 digit zip)

Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098


Bay Ridge:


Your Full Name, Your Title if desired.
Your Department, Floor & Rm#
SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Bay Ridge


9036 7th Ave

(Required 9 digit zip)

Brooklyn, NY 11228-3625


* Subscription formats vary widely you may need to put your MSC__ in the field for "Room/Ste"- just NEVER use the word 'box' and DO NOT put your MSC on the same line at the street address.

Failure to have this information in this format on the address label will result in either USPS or DMC Mail Services delivery delays, or opened by DMC Mail Services for destination determination.

Main Campus Incoming Mail:

  • Experiencing USPS mail delays? it is often caused by inappropriate addressing - Use the above standard.
  • Main campus mail is sorted by DMC MailStop# (formerly called a Box#) for internal delivery; The recipient name is NOT screened.
  • Mail that has a DMC MailStop# will be sorted and delivered faster that those needing to be looked up in directory listings.
  • All Incoming mail that is properly addressed is sorted to its campus MailStop number on the day it arrives in Mail Services.
  • If you are receiving unwanted mailings, subscriptions addressed incorrectly, or mail addressed to persons no longer present, you need to contact the sender. Otherwise it will continually recur. Cancelled or subscription address changes submitted often take 1-2 months to take effect. If you mark a mailpiece "Return to Sender", then Mail Services will process it back through the USPS.
  • Your USPS Mailing Address is DIFFERENT from your "Ship To" address. See DMC Incoming Package Delivery Requirements. Parcels are received/ processed through DMC Central Receiving.

Interoffice Mail Formats