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Frank C. Barone, PhD

Joined SUNY Downstate Medical Center in 2008

Professor of Neurology

Director of Basic Research, Cerebrovascular Division

Professor of Physiology & Pharmacology

Medical Student Research Adviser

phone: (718) 221-5745


Research interests:
  • Basic scientific study of Cerebrovascular diseases with focus on stroke, vascular cognitive impairment, risk factors, brain injury and restoration of function, and progression to dementia  
  • Development of animal  models of human disease that can translate well to man and can facilitate our understanding of disease biology, pathology and cellular signaling  
  • Investigation of pharmacologic and other intervention approaches that reduce brain injury and restore lost brain functioning  
  • Pursue Biomarker Discovery required to impact drug discovery and advance therapeutic interventions  
  • Maintain close collaborations with Clinical Researchers and Neuroscientists in efforts to support Translational Medicine  
Teaching interests:
  • Pathophysiology of brain injury and mechanisms of brain recovery, especially cognition,  in cerebrovascular disease - stroke  
  • Interactions of cerebrovascular risk and other diseases in aging and the progression of dementia  
  • Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology, Biochemistry, Drug Discovery and Animal Models of Disease.  
Education and training:
  • PhD: Biopsychology-Neuroscience, Brain Research Laboratory, Syracuse University  
  • Research Assistant Professor  : Syracuse University, 4 years
  • Director Discovery Research : GlaxoSmithKline, 25 years
  • Adjunct Faculty / Professor: Temple University Medical School, Department of Physiology – 20 years; Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Pharmacology and Biochemistry – 10 years