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Research Activities and Grants

Photo of L. Fordjour

L. Fordjour



Fordjour L., Choi J., Kral J., Dattner L., Valencia G. and El-Hennawy M. Adverse Neonatal Outcomes of Large for Gestational Age Neonates Associated with Maternal Obesity in a Predominantly African- and Caribbean-American Inner-City Population , Pediatric Academic Society, Toronto, 2007. Publication 7924.1

Dattner L., Fordjour L. et al. Competency goals of incoming residents, Pediatric Academic Society, Toronto, 2007. Publication 7908.12A

Fordjour L, Mally P. et al. The effects of broad spectrum antibiotics on synthesis of gut derived short chain fatty acids and its effects on neurotransmitter gene expression in a rat model(Journalpeerreviewinprogress)