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Research Activities and Grants

Photo of A Perenyi

A Perenyi



Acquired HIV infection. World Congress of Allergy & Immunology, Munich, June 2005 Perenyi A

Effect of maternal antibiotic treatment on neonatal sepsis -principal investigator Perenyi A, 2002-2006

Inter-rater variability of NIST/ Neurodevelopmental Infant Screening Tool/- co-investigator, Perenyi A 2004-present

Intersensory perception in early infancy predicts later language outcomes - co-investigator, Perenyi A 2004-present

A NICU follow-up pilot project utilizing an ASQ/parenting newsletter model -co-investigator, Perenyi A 2007

Retrospective analysis of infant neurobehavioral outcome - 2004-present, Perenyi A

Effect of maternal azathioprine treatment on newborn - Agnes Pereny MD,, Gloria Valencia MD,, Paul, Toubas MD,7th World Congress of Perinatology , Zagreb, 2005

Very complex de novo chromosomal abnormalities in a newborn with multiple congenital defects -a counseling challenge, El-Hattab, A, Velinov, M.,Valencia, G., Perenyi, A., Annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics, New Orleans , LA,2006

Prevention of neurologic disability.Oral presentation. Agnes Perenyi, MD, Tzipporah Sklar, MD., Gloria Valencia, MD, 8th World Congress of Perinatology, Florence, 2007

Prenatal sonogrpahic findings of extensive low-flow mixed lymphatic and venous malformations. A.Perenyi, D,Sherer, S.Glick,M.Dalloul,A.Zigalo ,R.Gupta, O.Abolafia, 8th World Congress of Perinatology, Florence, 2007

Congenital pulmonary stenosis with pulmonary hypertension. A.Perenyi, S.Dhuper, D.R.Thabireddy, G.Valencia, 8th World Congress of Perinatology, Florence, 2007

Shorter NA, Georges A, Perenyi A, Garrow E. A proposed classification system for familial intestinal atresia and its relevance to the understanding of the etiology of jejunoileal atresia, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 41/11, 1822-25,2006

Sherer DM, Perenyi A, Glick S, Dalloul M, Zigalo A, Gupta R, Abulafia O, Prenatal sonographic findings of extensive low-flow mixed lymphatic and venous malformations, Ultrasound Med. 25:1469-73, 2006.