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The Children's Hospital at Downstate

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement of the Department of Pediatrics, SUNY Downstate

The Department of Pediatrics is part of the College of Medicine and functions within the framework of the mission of the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn (Downstate). The Department seeks to advance the profession of Pediatrics through excellence in education, research and scholarly activity, clinical care and community service.

The Department is an advocate for the needs of children and their families-emphasizing the health, educational and social problems of the urban child. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care service to all who seek it. We are committed to proactively addressing the pediatric needs of the community we serve.

Mission Statement of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Our primary mission is to make high, quality education available to New York State's next generation of health professionals. Integral to our concept of professional education is a commitment to confront the health problems of urban communities and a responsibility to advance the state of knowledge and practice in the health discipline through basic and clinical research.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, located in the heart of one of our nation's largest and most ethnically diverse working-class urban communities. We value the racial and ethnic diversity of the community and strive to achieve the cultural sensitivity and cultural competency essential to achieving our vision. As one of only 125 academic medical centers in the country, we have an obligation to provide education, research and health care to our students, faculty, patients and community. Through our schools of higher education, we train the next generation of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and scientist to serve our community and beyond. Through our research, we advance medical science and public health to serve the community at large. Through our hospital and academic affiliates, we provide the highest quality of comprehensive, compassionate and accessible healthcare to the 2.6 million residents of Brooklyn regardless of their ability to pay. We aspire to have a staff that is representative of the diverse ethnic populations we serve and to become a more efficient, cost-effective and customer friendly institution.