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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Residency Program

Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities by Residents

  • APA Mind Games - SUNY Downstate accomplishments
  • 2015 - 6th position among 106 programs in the country (Participants: Gaurav Vishnoi, Ahmad Arain and Srinath Gopinath)
  • 2014 - 8th position among 99 programs in the country (Participants: Jacob Birk, Ahmad Arain and Srinath Gopinath)


American Psychiatric Association (APA)

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship
    • 2015 - Lila Aboueid
    • 2014 - Shama Patel
  • 2015 Diversity Fellowship - Furqan Nusair
  • 2015 Research Colloquium - Srinath Gopinath
  • 2015 Public Psychiatry - Raj Loungani
  • 2015 Resident Recognition Award - Tzvi Furer

American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Clinical Trials Workshop

  • 2015 - Lila Aboueid
  • 2014 - Ammar Elsara
  • 2013 - Srinath Gopinath

American Association of Geriatric Psychopharmacology Scholarship

  • 2015 - Tessa Murante
  • 2014 - Arman Fesharaki

The Robert F Furchgott Scholar Award

  • 2015 - Srinath Gopinath

American Psychiatric Association Residents Journal

  • 2015 Associate Editor - Rafik Sidaros

American Association of Psychiatry and Law

  • 2014 Rappaport Fellowship - Subhash Chandra

Brooklyn Psychiatric Society

  • 2014 - Best Poster award - Srinath Gopinath
  • 2014 - Oral Presentation Award - Anupriya Gogne
  • 2016 - Best Poster Award - Marla Hidalgo

New York State Psychiatric Association

  • 2015 Poster Award - Tarah Scanlon & Roya Noorishad

Kings County Hospital Best Resident Award

  • 2015 - Tzvi Furer

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Annual Research Day

  • 2015 Poster Awards - Arman Fesharaki & Mohamed Sherif
  • 2013 Travel Award - Anupriya Gogne

Harvard-MIT Multimodal Short Course Imaging Award

  • 2016 - Srinath Gopinath

Downstate was represented at various venues in 2014-2016:

  • Brooklyn Psychiatric Society, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • SUNY Downstate Annual Research Day
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Institute for Psychiatric Services
  • American Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Association for Psychosomatic Medicine
  • American Association of Psychiatry and Law
  • American College for Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Biological Psychiatry
  • And many more

Posters/Oral Presentations 2015-2016

  • Steinberg LR, Saunders R. The King Of Spirochetes Goes Wild! Neurosyphilis Triggered Mania. Poster Presented At The 169th Annual Meeting, American Psychiatry Association, Atlanta, GA
  • Patel P, Tark B, Berekashvili K, Steinberg LR, Balucani C, Weedon J, Akivis A, Sadovsky R, Adeishvili G, Gabbur N, Adler Z, Chekuru L, Abulafia O, Weiss S, Levine SR. Primary Stroke Prevention In Women. Platform Presentation At The 68th American Academy Of Neurology Annual Meeting In Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Steinberg LR, Madhusoodanan S. Chronic Lithium Neurotoxicity: A Case Report. Poster Presented At The State University Of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center Annual Research Day 2016, Brooklyn, NY
  • Thomas L, Steinberg LR, Obadan O, Htwe K, Roistacher K. Clotter Gets Caught! Cytomegalovirus Infection Triggered Thrombosis - A Case Report. Poster Presented At The American College Of Gastroenterology, 2015
  • Aboueid L, Patel S, Mccarthy R. "Loxapine And Cyproheptadine Combined Limits Clozapine Rebound Psychosis And May Also Predict Clozapine Response: A Case Report." Poster Presentation At American Psychiatric Association (APA): Institute On Psychiatric Services (IPS) Conference, Manhattan, NY. October 10, 2015.
  • Aboueid L, "Evidence Based Assessment in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Bringing Systematic Assessment and Monitoring from the Ivory Tower to the Trenches" Presented at IPS 2015
  • Noorishad R, Scanlon T, "Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) In Borderline Personality Disorder: A Case Report", New York State Psychiatric Society, March 2016, Brooklyn Psychiatric Society and SUNY Downstate Annual Research Day, April 2016
  • Scanlon T, Nusair F, "Orders Of Protection: Utility, Legislation, And Ongoing Challenges", SUNY Downstate Annual Research Day, April 2016 and accepted abstract at American Academy Of Psychiatry And The Law
  • Loungani R R, Cunningham C, Schweitzer J, & Iles M, Symposium: "Preparing Residents For The Integration Of Mental Health And Primary Care: What Do Residents Want And How Can We Deliver It?" Oral Presentation Presented At: APA Institute On Psychiatric Services; New York, NY.
  • Adams C, Chaudhary N, Frye L, Gibson M, Goldenberg N, Loungani R R, Ragins M, Robitz R, Rodriguez A, Yu V, & Goldfinger S M, Symposium: "Engaging In Work With Homeless Individuals: A Rotation Or A Career?" Oral Presentation Presented At: Institute On Psychiatric Services; New York, NY.
  • Vengassery A, Evaluation Of Symptoms In Persons With Subjective Cognitive Impairment- Poster Presentation At BPS Annual Residents Poster And Paper Session Day and Poster Presentation At SUNY Downstate On Research Day, April 2016
  • Bahekar P, Karagiorga V E, Politis M, Gopinath S, Berkowitz E, Serum Biomarkers Of Risperidone Treatment In Psychosis: Review, presented at Brooklyn Psychiatric Society, April 2016
  • Hidalgo M, McCarthy R," Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Associated With Clozapine Withdrawal: A Case Report," Presented at IPS 2015
  • Hidalgo M, Gopinath S, Weedon J, Schooler N," Adherence And Insight Into The Need For Medication In Schizophrenia: Perspective Of Antipsychotic Clinical Trial Participants" Presented At APA, Atlanta, May 2016 And Brooklyn Psychiatric Society, April 2016
  • Patel S, "Trauma In An Urban Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Inpatient Service: Challenges Of Identification, Service Provision And Care," Poster at AACAP 2016
  • Patel S, "Addressing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children," Workshop at APA 2016
  • Vishnoi G, McCarthy R H, "Genetic testing in refractory depression patients facilitates long term psychotherapy. Poster Presented at Annual Research Day at Downstate Medical Center," NY, April 2016.
  • Rodriguez, A, "Framingham Risk Score for Stroke is Associated with Neurocognitive Impairment in Older Adults with HIV Disease," Presented at IPS 2015
  • Rodriguez, A, "Experiences with a student-run homeless outreach group: the Recinto Pa' la Calle service model," Presented at IPS 2015
  • Dhaliwal A, Arain A, Gopinath S, McMorris R, El Sara A, Richard H. McCarthy, "Visualizing Pharmacodynamic Interactions: PRN Medications Can Be A Window To Drug Interactions" Presented at APA 2016
  • Dhaliwal A, "Are the Parameters for Clozapine Discontinuation Appropriate or Should They Be Changed?" Presented at IPS 2015
  • El Sara A, Arain A, Gopinath S, McCarthy R, "Visualization Of Medication Response In The Long-Term Institutionalized Mentally Ill Utilizing Psyckes Data"
  • Fesharaki A, Miyauchi J , Tsirka S, and Bergold P, "Unique neurocognitive and affective impairments in mouse models of TBI, PTSD and comorbid TBI-PTSD" Presented at ARD 2016
  • Bhutani M, Gopinath S, Huangthaisong P; Cabergoline in the Treatment of Risperidone Induced Hyperprolactinemia: A Case Report. Presented at MSSNY
  • Bhutani M, Gopinath S, Huangthaisong P "Risperidone induced hyperprolactinemia: A case report and literature review" at IPS 2015
  • Bhutani M, Vito J, Herbert F, Pender V, Workshop- "Psychiatrist at the United Nations" Presented at IPS 2015
  • Bhutani M, Gopinath S, Saunders R, "Clozaril usage during pregnancy" Presented at MSSNY Poster symposium and Annual Research day at SUNY Downstate Medical Centre
  • Murante T, Reinhardt M, Cohen C; Treatment of late life psychosis; Presented at BPS 2016
  • Gopinath S, Coplan J, Abdallah C, Margolis J, Chen W, Scharf B, Rosenblum L, Batuman O, Smith E P; Central and Peripheral effects of Acute Isolation/Confinement Stress on Transforming Growth Factor-β1 and Cortisol in Nonhuman Primates, Presented at ACNP 2015, Florida
  • Gopinath S, Coplan J, Abdallah C, Xiangling Mao, Dikoma C Shungu, Sanjay J Mathew; Conceptualizing the Neurobiology of GAD Using 1H-MRSI: Aberrant Neurochemical Connectivity of Medial Temporal Lobe and DLPFC, Which Predicts Worry and IQ; Presented at APA Research Colloquium, Atlanta 2016

Publications between 2014-2016

  • Madhusoodanan S, Steinberg LR, Coleman A, Bavli S Hyperprolactinemia secondary to pituitary microadenoma/haloperidol. Article accepted for publication to the Journal of Current Drug Safety.
  • Steinberg L, Aldea I, Messias E, Asthma, Depression, and Suicidality: Results from the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (Volume 203, No. 9)
  • Cukor D, Halen, V H, Pencille M, White M F, Primus N, Kaur K, Furer T, "Sleep health in a black community sample" Accepted for publication - Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation
  • Rice T.R., Loungani R.R., Gaines E., Prout T., & Hoffman L.. (2015). Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children in General Psychiatric Education: An Account from the Perspective of Men's Mental Health. In L. Sher & T.R. Rice (Ed.) Neurobiology of Men's Mental Health (pp. pp. 105-116). New York: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Paraskevas GP, Constantinides V, Bougea A, Karagiorga VE, Bourbouli M, Emmanouilidou E, Vekrelis K, Kapaki E; Cerebrospinal fluid alpha- Synouclein levels in patients with Parkinson disease, multiple system atrophy and healthy controls; Aug 2015, Hellenic journal of nuclear medicine
  • Panos Roussos, Stella G Giakoumaki, Chrysoula Zouraraki, John F Fullard, Vasiliki-Eirini Karagiorga, Eva-Maria Tsapakis, Zoe Petraki, Larry J Siever, Todd Lencz, Anil Malhotra, Cleanthe Spanaki, Panos Bitsios, The Relationship of Common Risk Variants and Polygenic Risk for Schizophrenia to Sensorimotor Gating; Jun 2015 Biological psychiatry
  • Jonathan Tsang, John F Fullard, Stella G Giakoumaki, Pavel Katsel, Vasiliki Eirini Karagiorga, Tiffany A Greenwood, David L Braff, Larry J Siever, Panos Bitsios, Vahram Haroutunian, Panos Roussos, The relationship between dopamine receptor D1 and cognitive performance; Mar 2015 npj Schizophrenia
  • Elisabeth Kapaki, Ioannis Ilias, Vasiliki Karagiorga, George Paraskevas, Anastasia Bougea, Mara Bourbouli, Athina Pappa, Stamatina Nikopoulou, Thyroid Autoantibodies in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Subjects with and without Thyroid Disease: Implications for Hashimoto's Encephalopathy, Dec 2015 Journal of Thyroid Research
  • Coplan J, Gopinath S, Abdallah C, Margolis J, Chen W, Scharf B, Rosenblum L, Batuman O, Smith E P, Central and Peripheral effects of Acute Isolation/Confinement Stress on Transforming Growth Factor-β1 and Cortisol in Nonhuman Primates In Review- Neuroscience Letters
  • Mitra M, Shah N, Faridi M, Ghosh A, Sankaranarayanan V, Aggarwal A, Chatterjee S, Bhattacharyya N, Kadhe G, Vishnoi G, and Mane A; Long term follow-up study to evaluate immunogenicity and safety of a single dose of live attenuated hepatitis a vaccine in children, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 11:5, 1147-1152; May 2015
  • Maung, Stephanie C, El Sara A, Chapman C, Cohen D, and Cukor D; "Sleep Disorders and Chronic Kidney Disease" World Journal of Nephrology 5, no. 3 (May 6, 2016): 224-32.
  • Meningioma and Psychiatric Symptoms: A Case Report and Brief Review. Annals of Clinical Psychiatry. May 2015 - Shama Patel, Michael Reinhardt J et al.
  • Transient Expressive Aphasia After Bitemporal ECT, a Rarely Documented Reversible Phenomenon. The Journal of ECT - Jan 2015 - Tzvi Furer et al.
  • Weight Gain In Patients With Schizophrenia: A Recipe For Timely Intervention. AJP - Resident's Journal, accepted for publication - Dec 2014 - Ammar El-Sara
  • Pretreatment with Caffeine Citrate to Lower the Seizure Threshold in ECT: A Case Series. Journal of Pharmacy Practice. Jan 2015 - Subhash Chandra et al.
  • Rice TR, Loungani R, Gaines E, Prout T, Hoffman L (2015, in press). Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for children in general psychiatric education: An account from the perspective of men's mental health. In Rice TR & Sher L, Neurobiology of Men's Mental Health (chapter). Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Loungani RR (2015, in review). Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal.
  • Loungani RR (2015, in review). A brief synopsis of an APA Master course: Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, by Frank Yeomans, Otto Kernberg, and John Clarkin. American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal
  • Loungani RR (2015, in review). A brief synopsis of an APA Seminar: "Why Is Sex Important? A Seminar on the Impediments to Adult Love," by Stephen Levine. American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal.
  • A Novel Anxiety and Affective Spectrum Disorder of Mind and Body - The ALPIM (Anxiety-Laxity-Pain-Immune-Mood) Syndrome: A Preliminary Report. The Journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences 27, May 2015 - Srinath Gopinath et al.
  • Diagnostic Stability of Internet Addiction in Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: Data from a Naturalistic One-year Treatment Study. Innovations in clinical neuroscience Mar 2015 - Srinath Gopinath et al.
  • Abstract Risperidone Long-acting Injection vs. Oral Risperidone: A Secondary Analysis of Relapse and Rehospitalization Controlling for Switching in a Pragmatic Trial. Neuropsychopharmacology. Nature Publishing Group - Srinath Gopinath et al.
  • Abstract "Is it time for Federally Mandated AOT program." Asian Journal of Psychiatry, May 2015 - Subhash Chandra

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