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SUNY Downstate Department of Radiology

Residency Program


Welcome to the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.  Our program is ACGME-accredited with both diagnostic residents and one additional resident in the DIRECT pathway per year.

Downstate Medical Center Radiology training program provides a very broad and balanced exposure to radiology at our two core hospitals; University Hospital of Brooklyn and Kings County Medical Center with additional rotations at the Brooklyn VA.

Our full range of fellowship-trained attendings provides residents with well-rounded and rigorous training in a supportive and collegial environment. The residency is directed towards fulfilling all the core competencies from medical knowledge to patient care with additional emphasis on board preparation. We seek to train residents to be excellent radiologists and exceptional teachers.

Please use this website as an overview of our program and contact information is available for any further inquiries. Thank you for visiting our web site and good luck in your pursuit of a career in radiology.

General Information

We cover a total of three locations including:


University Hospital SUNY Downstate Medical Center: 2 CT units (16, 64 detector row), 4 Ultrasound units, 1.5T MRI Unit, 2 SPECT units,1 SPECT/CT unit, 1 PET/CT, 2 mammography units, single plane angio suite and bi-plane angio suite performing a total of over 96,000 exams.


Kings County Hospital Center: 3 CT units (16, 40 and 64 detector row), 9 Ultrasound units, 3 mammography units, 1.5T MRI Unit, 3 SPECT units, 2 SPECT/CT units, 1 PET unit, 2 single plane angio suites and 1 biplane angio suite performing a total of over 180,000 total exams.


Veteran Affairs Medical Center (Brooklyn): 2 CT units (16, 32 detector row), 2 Ultrasound units, 1 mammography unit and biplane angio suite performing a total of  over 45,000 exams.