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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Human Resources Self Service

SUNY Employee Services Portal Login

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  • How to Log in
  • Changing Address
  • Time and Attendance FAQ
  1. When you click the SUNY Secure Login button, you will be redirect to
  2. Next, the user should locate their campus or institution from the Your Campus drop down box pictured in Figure 1.

figure 1

Figure 1 – Accessing the Security Login screen for the first time.

  1. User ID is the same as your Downstate email address user ID, in the form of jane.smith (with a "dot") – AND – your Password is the one you use to open your Downstate email over the Internet.
    See Figure 2 for the location of these fields.
  2. Click the "Remember Me" button if you want the system to retain the campus and User Id information.
  3. Finally, the user should click the Log In button to begin the authentication process.

figure 2

Figure 2 – The identifying fields required to authenticate a user.

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For complete details on how to update your address,
read the PDF Self Service - Update Address »

PDF cover

Q. How do I log on to the SUNY Time and Attendance system?
A. Go to the Human Resources Self Service webpage ( On it are instructions about how to start using the portal and how to log in. Each employee must perform a one-time verification, which includes identifying your SUNY ID number. Your SUNY ID number is not the number printed on your Downstate ID, nor is it the NYS Employee ID that appears on your check stub. You can obtain your SUNY ID by following the instructions on the Human Resources Self Service webpage. Please note that you must be using a computer on campus to get your SUNY ID. If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please call Human Resources for assistance at extension 1186 or 1187.

Q. I am trying to log on for the first time and in the "Notifications" section it says "The System is having a problem locating your SUNY ID", what should I do?
A. Most likely, you are entering your DMC User ID incorrectly. Remember: The DMC User ID is paired to your SUNY ID so you must make sure you enter your DMC Lotus Notes User ID correctly in order to proceed. If you believe you have entered the correct information, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 for further assistance.

Q. I successfully signed on previously to the TAS system and now I am trying to sign on and it takes me back to the security questions, what am I doing wrong?
A. The problem, most likely, is the User ID or password you are using. Remember, your User ID is the same as your Downstate email address user ID (in the format of jane.smith (with a "dot") and your password is the one you use to open your Downstate email over the internet. (Your SUNY ID is uniquely paired to your DMC Lotus Notes User information.) If you cannot remember your Downstate email information, you should contact the Help Desk at extension 4957 for assistance.

Q. My Time & Attendance Supervisor is incorrect, how do I change it?
A. The employee and supervisor lists were vetted prior to going live, however if you believe you have an incorrect supervisor you should speak to your Department Head who will notify Human Resources at extension 1237 or 1187 to make the changes.

Q. My accrual balances appear to be incorrect, who do I speak to?
A. After you sign on for the first time, you'll have 30 days to notify Payroll/Time & Attendance at extension 1703 to state you feel your accruals are incorrect. They will then either try to address it on the phone or schedule an appointment to review your time. You can, however, start using the Time & Attendance System immediately. Any future accrual balance changes will be corrected.

Q. I am trying to enter a Single Day Leave in the Time Record Posting window but the window does not open, what should I do?
A. Most likely the widow has fallen behind your browser screen. Minimize your browser window and it should be there.

Q. I entered a multiple day entry through a holiday but it charged me a day for the holiday as well, what should I do so it does not charge me a day for the holiday?
A. When entering a day(s) where a holiday falls with the day(s) you are recording, you must input your days around the holiday in order for the system not to charge you for the day.

Q. I submitted my Time Record to my supervisor and it was approved but I realized there is an error on the Time Record, how do I correct it?
A. After your Time Record has been approved, the system automatically locks you out from making changes to the record. Ask your Time & Attendance Supervisor to deny your submission, then you may make appropriate adjustments. If your Time & Attendance Supervisor has already approved it, the Supervisor should contact Payroll at extension 1139 to request the time record be unapproved, at which time you will again have access to correct and certify your time record.

Q. I submitted my Request for Time Off through the electronic system but my supervisor says they did not receive my request, what should I do?
A. If your department has decided to use the "Request Time Off" feature on the electronic Time and Attendance system, putting in a request is a two step process.
1. First you input the date(s) you are requesting on your calendar as you would when putting a vacation, sick or any other day. Next to the date you just entered should appear an "S" for Saved. You have just told the system that you have intent to take a single day or multiple days off.
2. Next you must scroll to the bottom of the page and under "Previously Submitted Leave Requests", you must now click in the "Select" button and Submit to Supervisor. Once you have done this, it will now appear on your calendar with a "P" for Pending, which means your supervisor can now see your request. Once it has been approved by your supervisor it will have an "A" for Approved.

Q. I previously put in a "Request Time Off" and did not take the day off. I am trying to delete it from my calendar but it does not come off, what should I do?
A. Most likely you are trying to remove the "Request Time Off" day from your regular Time Record. In order to remove a "Request Time Off" day, you much go back to the "Request Time Off" feature and remove the date(s) from that screen. You must scroll down to "Previously Submitted Leave Requests" and select the dates and then hit delete. If your time sheet has already been approved and it does not give you the option to remove the date(s) requested from your calendar, a person with facilitator access may assist you with removing the date. You may contact Payroll at extension 1139 for assistance with this matter.

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