New York City Through John Zubrovich’s Eyes

By Office of the President | Feb 6, 2024

photo of John Zubrovich

Last year, we lost our friend and colleague, John Zubrovich. In a special tribute to him, our department honors John’s work, his passion, and his more than 35 years of service to Downstate.

We are pleased to share a unique gallery of some of John’s favorite images–a testament to his love for New York City and his equally beloved Downstate. John’s passion for photography was a window into his soul, complimented by a discerning eye.

John was a proud Brooklynite whose love of New York City and its beauty were captured in landscapes and images of significance to him. Among his favorites were “Tony the Barber,” a local Greenpoint personality from his childhood, and “Gears,” representing the industrial roots of Long Island City.

The proudest moments of his 35 years of photography at Downstate are too many to mention, but among his most beloved images was one of Dr. Robert Furchgott in celebration of his Nobel Prize.

New Media Services John Zubrovich Photo Gallery

We express our appreciation to John’s wife, Elise, and his children, Alex and Julia, for sharing this wonderful part of John with us. Our team created a short video about the photo collection.

Please take a moment to visit Communications & Marketing on the third floor of the HSEB to see this collection, each telling a unique story and reflecting John’s incredible talent and love for photography. If you would like to obtain a copy of any of the images or leave a note for John’s family, please feel free to leave a message in the notebook in the Communications & Marketing Department on the third floor of the HSEB.