A Message from President Riley

By Office of the President | Apr 2, 2024

Uniting for Earth, Health, and Well-being

Message from RileyAs April begins, we are presented with meaningful chances to examine our connection with the planet, our well-being, and the crucial role of occupational therapy in our lives. As Earth Day, World Health Day, and Occupational Therapy Month converge this month, we should consider the interconnectedness of our well-being and the environment.

On Earth Day, let us recommit ourselves to preserving and protecting our planet. By adopting sustainable practices and advocating for environmental conservation, we can ensure a healthier future for generations.

World Health Day reminds us of the importance of prioritizing our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We can use this occasion to promote health equity, access to quality healthcare for everyone, and commit to addressing the challenges that threaten the health and livelihoods of millions worldwide.

Occupational Therapy Month celebrates the invaluable contributions of occupational therapists in helping individuals achieve independence and quality of life. We recognize and appreciate their dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of people of all ages and abilities.

As we commit to uniting in our efforts to create a healthier, more sustainable world, let us look at efforts to enhance environmental activism, promote public health initiatives, and support occupational therapy services.

We each play vital roles in shaping a brighter future. So, together, let us make a positive impact on our planet, our health, and our communities.