Downstate Students Shine Among SUNY’s Brightest Stars

By Office of the President | Apr 16, 2024

We proudly celebrate two Downstate Health Sciences University students, who joined more than 190 other students from 62 campuses to accept SUNY’s highest distinction for academic prowess and leadership.

Jessica Gollgoy

From left to right: Chancellor John B. King Jr., Jessica Mineroff Gollogy, and Jeffrey Putman Ed.D.

I am proud to congratulate Jessica Mineroff Gollogly, a College of Medicine graduating student who made a career transition from music to medicine fueled by her passion for healing through the art of medicine.

Displaying a steadfast dedication to eradicating health disparities and enhancing access to healthcare within her community, she has exhibited exemplary leadership roles at the Brooklyn Free Clinic, Asylum Clinic, Health Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership (HEAL) Pathway, alongside other organizations devoted to advancing health justice. Jessica has also undertaken pioneering research focusing on health equity and has significantly advanced evidence-based medicine through her bench research contributions.

Timothy MorelloI also extend congratulations to Timothy Morello, currently a student in Medicine and Molecular & Cellular Biology. He aspires to a career in ophthalmology within the realm of academic medicine, aiming to combine research, teaching, and patient care. His research endeavors and published works encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from neuroanatomy investigations of fruit-bat brains to the identification of glaucoma risk factors in population studies.

Tim enjoys serving Downstate and the community through various avenues, including the University Council, the Ophthalmology Club, and the Early Medical Education Program. His diverse interests include running, baking, programming, and repairing vintage wristwatches.

The 2024 Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence (CASE) celebrates students for exceptional accomplishments across various domains throughout their SUNY journey, encompassing academics, leadership, campus engagement, community service, and the arts.