COVID-19 Emergency

What Providers Need to Know About Documentation, Coding and Billing During the COVID-19 Emergency

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the healthcare profession at large are quickly adapting to a world in which COVID-19 exists and that includes creating new codes for the virus and expanding the use of Telehealth services during the declared COVID-19 emergency. Medical record documentation, coding and billing allows providers to track the spread of the virus and get reimbursed for testing and treating patients presenting with symptoms of the virus. Additionally, during the COVID-19 emergency, CMS has issued waivers to significantly expand the use of Telehealth services that are available for reimbursement. Following the CMS- issued documentation guidelines and assigning the correct codes will be important for capturing accurate diagnoses, procedures and services that will lead to reimbursement. The following links will assist providers with what they need to know about COVID-19 documentation, coding and billing.