Compliance Reporting

Employees and faculty are required to come forward with any information regarding an actual or possible violation of the SUNY DHSU Compliance Program, Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, or SUNY DHSU Policy and cooperate fully in the investigation of any alleged violation.

SUNY DHSU has established the following methods for employees to report, confidentially and anonymously, any questionable conduct or possible violation:


SUNY DHSU's Confidential Compliance Line is a 24/7 hotline service available as an internal reporting mechanism for reporting suspected fraud, abuse, waste or other illegal or unethical conduct regarding students, employees, volunteers and independent contractors.

To make an anonymous report regarding any concerns, use either of these methods for reporting:

Phone: (877) 349-SUNY (7869)
Web-based reporting: Compliance Help Line

The Compliance Line Brochure and Compliance Line Poster is available to everyone.

Downstate Compliance Contacts

Reports may be made either in person, by telephone, or in writing to any of the following:

Concerns Regarding: Department Phone Fax Box #
  Office of Compliance & Audit Services 270-4033 270-4312 1248
Legal Issues University Counsel 270-4628 270-6749 1258
Disciplinary Issues Human Resources 270-1191 270-1815 53
Labor Relations 270-3019 270-4684 1224
Patient Confidentiality HIPAA Privacy Officer 270-7470 270-4312 1248
Security of Information Systems Information Security Officer 270-8593 270-1271 17
Patient Abuse Patient Relations 270-1111 270-2770 23
EEO/Diversity Issues Office of Diversity & Inclusion 270-1738 270-2276 1220
Research Research Administration 270-8202 270-1407 69
Environmental Health & Safety Facilities Management & Development/Environmental Safety 270-1216 270-2894 13
Threats & Physical Violence University Police 270-2626 270-4090 1201


There shall be no reprisals for good faith reporting of actual or suspected acts of fraud, waste or abuse or violations of the Code or other wrongdoing or conduct. However, an employee who makes an intentional false report or a report not in good faith may be subject to disciplinary action. SUNY DHSU will endeavor to keep the identity of anyone reporting a violation confidential, to the extent permitted by law, unless doing so prevents SUNY DHSU from fully and effectively investigating an alleged violation.

As referenced above, SUNY DHSU provides a Compliance Line as a means for employees to provide information to the VP-OCAS. Thus, reports of wrongdoing may be made directly to the individuals designated above or to the employee Compliance Line via an oral or web-based report. The VP-OCAS, CAOC or other individual designated by the President will investigate any and all information provided.