zipcar logoSave and help the environment more when you share your rides and errands with fellow students! 


Zipcar services are available to all Downstate students, faculty, staff, and affiliated entities. Gas, insurance and roadside assistance are included. Being a member of Zipcar eliminates maintenance, car payments, parking and parking tickets amongst other things. Avoid the pains of having your own car on campus all while helping the environment because Zipcar, the world's largest car sharing organization, offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to owning an automobile. FSA has partnered with Zipcar to bring “wheels when you want them” to Downstate. A fleet of Zipcars are located in the Kings County Garage at 581 Clarkson Avenue - between E. 39th & E. 40th Streets.

Low DHSU discounted membership rate is $35 per year with a waived application fee—that's 64% savings over the Zipcar standard rate of $70 per year and a $25 application fee. Usage rates start at $9.50 per hour & $79 per day (weekends start at $11/hour & $110/day) not including tax and tolls.

Questions? Call Zipcar at: 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)

Zipcar Users: Kings County Parking Garage Procedure

581 Clarkson Avenue
(btwn E. 39th & E. 40th Streets)
Brooklyn NY 11203

Upon arrival at the 581 Clarkson Ave garage, look for the parking spaces marked "Reserved for Zipcar" on the main floor to find your Zipcar.

When returning the Zipcar, park in same area—parking spaces marked "Reserved for Zipcar."

If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please see a garage attendant at the exit booth, or go to the garage office.

Students with Drive

Students with Drive

Zipcar's Students with Drive Program is back! To participate in the program, students are encouraged to visit the “Students with Drive” tab on Zipcar’s University at Students with Drive starting today.  Click here for additional information on the program.

Go Green

To join, apply online at Zipcar. Once a member of Zipcar, you'll have access to the 10 SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University vehicles that live at the DHSU State Garage as well as the Zipcar network of more than 8,000 vehicles throughout North America and the United Kingdom, and with over 3,500 vehicles living in New York alone.

Students: Plan your trips! This service is even more cost effective when you share your rides for local road-trips and regular errands.

Faculty & Staff: When the DHSU Transportation Unit cannot accommodate your specific business needs for local off-site meetings during the day, consider using Zipcar instead. Join now so it is immediately available to you when you need to reserve it in the future.

When a State employee utilizes a Zipcar rental, their rental is automatically charged to that Zipcar member's account (which they applied for and is tied to the member's credit card). The employee reserves the car online through the online Zipcar reservation process and after completing the rental, the employee can print a receipt from their Zipcar account. The employee then submits a standard Travel Voucher for reimbursement noting the purpose of the rental and amount, sign by supervisor & submit the Travel Voucher to State Accounts Payable.

The DHSU vehicles are open to all Zipcar members, so we recommend that you reserve your vehicle online as early as possible. As DHSU membership and vehicle utilization grows in the future, DHSU will consider opportunities to increase the on-site fleet.

Sign Up!

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Call Zipcar at 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)

  • You can sign up for Zipcar on the app or online and pay your annual membership via credit card. The application allows you to join and drive instantly. Your initial SUNY DHSU affiliation approval is expedited if you use your Downstate email address—you can always change it later to a personal email address. The Downstate discounted rate is $35 year—a savings of 64%, and several different rental value plans are posted on the Zipcar site.
  • You will receive a Zipcar card in the mail once you're approved. This card functions as your access (key) to the vehicle.
  • All vehicle reservations are done online in real time on the Zipcar site. Using your their simple online reservation system, you can book Zipcars throughout the Zipcar network.