Telecommunications Group


  Name Phone
Telecom Director (718) 270-7692 Lou Santoro
Telecom Administrator (718) 270-2433 Uriah Gardner
Telecom Wireless Services Specialist (718) 270-7689 Ricardo Lorenzo
Telecom Technician (718) 270-1776 Phil Fried
Telecom Technician (718) 270-7769 Raymond Berrios
Service Requests (718) 270-2840 Telecom Main


Current Projects

  • Increased redundancy and upgrade for voice access — this wil ensure that SUNY Downstate has multiple entry points for all voice and data services, and that failover and redundant systems are adequate for the Center to carry out it’s mission in the event of a disaster.
  • Physical Plant enhancements
  • Web-based on-call scheduling
  • Web-based paging
  • Station review — this project will document the complete internal cable infrastructure at Downstate.
  • Implementing Pinnacle telephone billing system.
  • Improvements to cellular coverage within the Downstate campus.