Project Requests for Technology Systems & Software

Any software, hardware, or technology service purchased or licensed by campus departments must be reviewed and approved by Downstate IT and other shared service departments before implementation.  The purpose of the review is to...

  • ensure security of institutional data,
  • assure a fit within Downstate IT architecture and infrastructure,
  • understand the need and impact,
  • assess if service / technology is already available,
  • evaluate the system requirements, and
  • assess Downstate IT resources, if any, needed for the implementation.

If you are uncertain whether or how to involve Downstate IT in a system evaluation or have questions regarding this request process, email

The following diagram illustrates the processes of the project request and approval.


To begin the request review process, please complete the project request form and email it to

This form is to document the needs, reasons and the funding sources for the requested project. This information will aid IT to review the impact of the request and discovery of applicable technology. It will also help to advance the approval process. Please allow three to four weeks for the IT portion of this process, assuming prompt responses are provided by the potential vendor. Owner of the request will be contacted for further information needed and final decisions.