Office of Employee & Labor Relations

Our Mission

The Office of Employee & Labor Relations' mission is to promote positive working relationships in the diverse SUNY-Downstate Health Sciences University community. It assists the Institution in delivering patient care, education and research by resolving or avoiding disputes where feasible, without a sacrifice of managerial prerogatives. The Office serves all levels of employees and supervisors by promoting knowledge of and compliance with the collective bargaining agreements, laws and other public policies affecting the institution's connection with its employees. The Office protects the interests of the Institution and its employees.

The Office of Employee & Labor Relations is oriented toward resolving issues of all types effectively. It maintains an open-door policy with employees, supervisors and the labor unions to foster open communications. It investigates workplace complaints in a neutral manner and is guided by the principles of consistency and fairness. It avoids an adversarial stance and, where appropriate, seeks to promote labor and employee involvement in decisions that affect the workplace. It strives for voluntary compliance and cooperative relationships.

SUNY Downstate is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator.

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