Editing Downstate's Web Directory - Search by Individual

General Guidelines

Accurate web directory listings helps all internal and external communications; Keep them current / accurate by updating listing as changes occur. The webDirectory is often used by many Downstate service units when routing supplies, incoming mail, incoming shipments, and telephone calls — its accuracy affects these service systems and Downstate's customer service.

  • Each employee's department administrator is responsible for maintaining directory records for their Individual employees.
  • The Downstate webDirectory source database is the Human Resources “HRx” system. Each department’s Responsible Departmental Designee (RDD) is responsible for its department staff record maintenance. Initial HRx data records are input based on the initial appointment forms the RDD submits to the applicable Human Resources office (State or Research Foundation). As changes occur, the RDD must log in to the HRx system to update employees' physical location (Building/Room), telephone extension, or Mail Stop code.
    • Once an RDD updates a staff members’ HRx directory data, the results are auto-uploaded to the online webDirectory (uploads occur daily).
    • If you are a State or Research Foundation employee and your name is NOT LISTED in the webDirectory, it is often because your HRx data record fields are BLANK. HRx records with blank directory field data do not auto-upload to the Downstate webDirectory.

Check your current listing data online at this address. Consider adding a desktop shortcut to the following page on your office computers for easier future access.

  • You can search by a person's first and/or last name, using options for either "begins with" or "contains" since a person's official name may be different than nicknames, or can include hyphenated last names. Then click "Start Search." The first result is a quick reference summary — person's name, department, phone number, and mail stop#. Click on the person's last name and the complete directory record will appear Including the Building/Room location).
  • The "Department" in your individual DHR record is often the title of the account number to which your line is associated, so it may not be the common terminology of your department name.
  • Titles (your position) are intentionally blank, since most official State titles in Human Resource Records do not reflect an individuals local (functional) title.

Updates: Individual staff can either contact your RDD (typically your department administrator) to update your data in the HRx system. You can also initiate a revision by using the link at the bottom of the webDirectory search result webpage for submitting updates here. Clicking on the word "here" will create an email message to the Information Services Help Desk. Type the associated updates/corrections you are requesting in the email.