Why Give to Downstate?

Your donation to SUNY Downstate supports one of the nation's premier teaching hospitals, and one of only 125 academic medical centers in the United States. Without these centers much of the innovation and new knowledge surrounding health care would not exist. Moreover, as the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, SUNY Downstate not only contributes to the scientific and medical knowledge that improves life for all of us but is also integral to the life of Brooklyn, bringing much needed care to individuals and economic opportunity and growth to the borough.

In the same way that SUNY Downstate has a comprehensive strategic plan, we expect that you have specific philanthropic goals in mind. Therefore, when you donate to SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University your funds are used exclusively by the program or programs that you choose. To learn more, read about specific Funds and Endowments. If you already know which programs you'd like to support you can make your contribution now.

Giving to SUNY Downstate is a chance for you to make a significant difference in people's lives.

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