CHS Programs

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Our Comprehensive Training Center offers trainee and instructor courses in BLS, ACLS, and PALS. Contact Neida Bonilla at (718) 245-4799 or email for more information.

Peripheral Venous Catheterization

Trainees learn techniques for peripheral venous catheterization on simulated arms. The course emphasizes safety, infection control, patient comfort and methods to assure maximal first time success rate.

Undifferentiated Severe Illness

This simulation based course for 3rd and 4th year students teaches identification and initial management skills for the patient with undifferentiated severe illness.

Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Through didactic and hands on training, 4th year students learn several clinically relevant bedside ultrasound guided procedures. Topics include peripheral and central line catheterization, nerve blocks, paracentesis, and thoracentesis.

Contemporary Issues In Patient Care

This course covers a wide array of contemporary topics in health care. Simulation is integrated into the course to teach principles relating to end of life care and palliation.

Labor & Delivery Curriculum for the Midwifery Program

A wide range of topics relating to labor and delivery are taught using the NOELLE high fidelity birthing simulator. Topics covered include obstetrical emergencies such as shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, and eclampsia; normal vaginal delivery; advanced delivery techniques for breech presentations, placental delivery, and cesarian section; and postpartum care including episiotomy repair, uterine massage, maternal and newborn resuscitation.

Post Operative Care for Recovery Room Nurses

High fidelity simulation is utilized to teach post operative care and management of emergencies. Case scenarios are created from real cases encountered by the nurses in the recovery room.

Interdisciplinary Trauma Resuscitation

Emergency Medicine and Surgery residents work together as a trauma team to manage patients with severe traumatic illness. The team approach to trauma is emphasized.

Geriatric Emergency Medicine

This simulation based course for Emergency Medicine Residents covers a wide range of topics related to Geriatric care in the Emergency Department. Topics include atypical presentations of disease, initial management and stabilization of geriatric emergencies, epidemiology, and end of life and palliative care.

Pericardiocentesis Training

Cardiology fellows learn pericardiocentesis on simulated models through didactic and hands on training.

Pediatric Resuscitation

Emergency Medicine residents learn resuscitation skills and team approach management while caring for simulated critically ill pediatric patients.