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Simulation Laboratory

Simulation Lab

The College of Nursing Simulation laboratory provides students across all programs with a state-of-the-art environment in which students can practice and demonstrate learned nursing skills.

Students learn in a pleasant, non-threatening, and supportive environment to provide safe, competent and quality patient care. Students practice health assessment, psychomotor skills, critical thinking, and team collaboration in an 8 -Bay simulated hospital setting. The lab features a labor and delivery room, an isolation room, three critical care beds and 3 step-down unit beds, all outfitted with cameras and microphones, to allow recording of hands-on demonstrations. The lab incorporates principles of "green design" with sky lights that provide natural lighting, which supplements and in some cases overrides the need for artificial lighting, resulting in reduced demand for electricity.

Audio-visual technology within the newly constructed Simulation laboratory enables the capture of live and recorded student activity during the enactment of simulation scenarios, as well as remote access and video-streaming. Recorded and archived student activity is then useful during debriefing sessions to enhance reflective learning. Nurse educators draw from a rich repository of patient scenarios comprised of a continuum of degrees of patient acuity requiring simple to complex patient care. Patient simulation resources include:

  • Six high-fidelity patient simulators: 2 SimMan, 1 SimBaby, 1 SimNewB, 1 SimJr., and a birthing simulator - Noelle.
  • 4 Medium Fidelity patient simulators: 3 multi-ethnic Nursing Annes, 1 SimJr.
  • 3 Low-fidelitypatient simulator: Geriatric, 2 infant
  • Various task trainers.

The College of Nursing Simulation laboratory in accordance with its stated mission facilitates the students' growth toward excellence in clinical practice, and multicultural awareness. All simulation resources, whether in the form of patient simulators, software or repositories of scenarios, embrace and incorporate diverse populations and ethnicities.

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