Pediatric Nutrition Notes

Dr. Karp, diplomate of both American Board of Pediatrics and Physician Nutrition Specialists presents this Teacher's Guide to Pediatric Nutrition.

The goals for this project are:

  1. To provide the essential vocabulary and knowledge of pediatric nutrition.
  2. To enable use of that vocabulary and knowledge in clinical settings.

The Teacher's Guide begins with Pediatric Nutrition Notes, a primer written originally for 3rd year medical students. These Notes provide the essential language of nutrition as well as a matrix into which subsequent learning can be fit. The second part of the Teacher's Guide is an eight section set of teaching modules developed to address nutrition principles through the life cycle -- neonatal, early infancy, later infancy, toddler and pre-school, etc.

The Teacher's Guide project is based on a theory of "stepping stone-education". Pediatric Nutrition Notes provides essential information. The case-based modules that follow permit teachers to present and discuss material developed for resident and physician education. The modules were developed for use by non-expert teachers as well as by physicians and residents for self-learning and CME credits.

Material for the Teacher's Guide will be placed on this web-site when ready.

Teacher's Guide to Pediatric Nutrition Project

  • Part 1: Pediatric Nutrition Notes
  • Part 2: Introductions on "How to"
  • Part 3: Obesity Cycle
  • Part 4: Teaching Modules
  • Part 5: Evaluations and Active Learning

An unrestricted educational grant from Mead Johnson Nutritionals, Inc was awarded to Robert Karp to complete this Teacher's Guide to Pediatric Nutrition.

The Editors:

Robert Karp - Editor in Chief

Elizabeth Shepard - Editor, Part II

Sandy Hassink - Editor, Obesity Cylcle