Highlights of 2024 Chief Residents

Apr 23, 2024

We congratulate the 2024 General Surgery Chief Residents on their fellowship matches and upcoming graduation! We are proud to have trained future leaders in surgery and wish them the very best in their future endeavors!

After at least five years of surgical training, it is no secret that general surgery residents are more than ready to jump into the next chapter. That is the case for our current chief residents from the Class of 2024. This class is special because it is composed of some of the first graduating residents who had to endure the COVID-19 era of training from the very beginning of their residency. They are marked by incredible resilience and strength. 

Each of our chief residents will be off to do remarkable things. The sense of camaraderie and friendship is palpable in the class. Thank you for your leadership and you will always be part of the Downstate family. 

Dr. Demaree

Christopher Demaree, MD Administrative Chief

Dr. Demaree has plans to go into Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at University of Miami, Ryder Trauma Center and his 5-year plan is to practice at a Level I trauma center. When asked about a fond memory he has of residency, his response was:
“Team Bloomberg lunches among our Coney Island COVID bubble during the early days of the pandemic (if you know, you know)”.
Finally, as a proud leader, his advice to incoming interns is:
“Your greatest teachers will be your patients; listen and learn from them”.
Dr. Unkart

Jonathan Unkart, MD, MPH, MS

Dr. Jon Unkart is excited to graduate and move back to California with his wife to start his career in General Surgery. His 5-year plan is to continue to build upon the excellent robotics training he received during residency by expanding its use in general surgery. He also would love to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

When asked about what he will remember most about residency, he talked about the friends he made here. When asked about a piece of advice he would give to the incoming interns, he responded:

“Residency is a profound time for professional and personal growth, so strive to find healthy ways to recharge and relax.”  

Dr. Krosser

Alec Krosser, MD

Dr. Krosser will be going into Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University. His 5-year goal is to finish residency and enter into vascular surgery practice with the support of his new wife.

Dr. Krosser says he will miss the camaraderie among the residents but will always remember the bond he formed with multiple co-residents throughout his training. As for a piece of advice for the incoming interns, he said

“No matter how tough it gets, always remind yourself that you can do this". 

Dr. Herman

Koby Herman, MD

Dr. Herman will be pursuing a Colorectal research/clinical fellowship at Ochsner Health with a 5-year goal of enjoying the development of a fulfilling practice.

Dr. Herman says he loved his time as a resident and will always remember all the times he genuinely laughed with his friends at work. When asked for advice for incoming residents, he said,

“Learn from your own and others’ experiences, both good and bad, and embrace every day as a new opportunity for growth.”  

He also appreciates the "nursing staff who were along for the whole ride" at various affiliate sites, with whom he has many fond memories.     

Dr. Jeng

Amy Jeng, MD

Dr. Jeng is excited to graduate, as she will be going into a Breast Surgery Fellowship at Inova Breast Center in Virginia. In five years, Dr. Jeng wants to practice at a Comprehensive Breast Center and have enough time to finally travel the world.

According to Dr. Jeng, the most memorable thing about residency is all the lasting friendships she made, going out for dinner with her co-residents and 2 a.m. fishbowl shenanigans at Kings. To the incoming interns, Dr. Jeng says,

“Remember that residency is a team sport.”  

Dr. Ishtiaq

Alia Ishtiaq, MD

Dr. Ishtiaq will pursue a Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship at Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island, one of our affiliate hospitals. In five years, she wishes to have a busy practice, be a robotics pro and have a good life with the love and support of her husband and future daughter.

Dr. Ishtiaq will always remember the friendships she made during residency and is fond of the surgical experiences during her training. As for advice to the incoming residents, Dr. Ishtiaq said,

“Work hard and help your co-residents if needed. And I will be at RUMC next year if any of you need guidance.”           



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