Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Health Professions is to educate health professionals in the delivery of excellent health-care service by developing their scientific competence and fostering their humane spirit. The School seeks to accomplish this by providing a challenging and supportive atmosphere for learning that offers opportunities for structured experiences as well as independent inquiry. Faculty contribute to knowledge in allied health through advancements in clinical practice, scholarly activities, and basic and applied research. Collaboration is emphasized among students, faculty, clinicians, and professionals in health care and related disciplines. Students are prepared for professional leadership roles through course work and professional and campus activities. The School fosters ongoing professional growth by sponsoring continuing education opportunities in several disciplines. The School strives to serve the urban community in which it is located by providing health services and education to the population.


SOHP programs share the common goal of becoming nationally recognized, producing graduates who are leaders in advancing the practice of their respective fields. Every program aims to have graduates proficient at responding to the healthcare needs of diverse service recipients in different medical settings and the communities they serve.



  1. SOHP curricula are designed to support the needs and expectations of stakeholders including students, graduates, faculty, sponsor administrations, employers, physicians, and the public while meeting
    nationally accepted standards. 
  2. Respect for the rights and dignities of individuals is a critical characteristic of a competent healthcare professional and should be a central concern in the learning environment.
  3. Programs urge students to adhere to the Codes of Ethics of their corresponding professions.
  4. SOHP programs aim to have a diverse student body that includes underrepresented people.
  5. SOHP programs commonly foster a sense of responsibility, professionalism and commitment to life-long learning in their

Diversity Statement

The School of Health Professions (SOHP) embraces a culture of diversity and inclusiveness throughout its educational community.  We are committed to building and fostering a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve.  We value individual differences and work to ensure that an individual’s difference and/or disadvantage does not impede intellectual or professional achievement regardless of gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, nationality, and other culture-influencing characteristics.

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, SOHP will:

  1. Improve the cultural diversity of the matriculating student body, faculty and staff through the implementation of more culturally relevant recruitment and retention strategies,
  2. Facilitate awareness by infusing cultural diversity and health inequities, as well as disability disparities content into all SOHP program curricula,
  3. Infuse content on evidence-based care for culturally diverse populations in all SOHP program curricula, and
  4. Improve interaction with culturally diverse Brooklyn communities through culturally humble and respectful community engagement strategies and interprofessional collaboration and partnerships.