Student Spotlight

Chelsea Cole

Chelsea Cole

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Degree Program: MPH, admitted through SUNY Downstate-Brooklyn College partnership

Class Year:  2020

Undergraduate Major: Health and Nutrition Sciences, concentration in Public Health 

Professional Interests: Health Policy, Social/ Health Equality, Global Health

Extracurricular Activities/Involvement: Mentorship, Research/Grants

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1. What drew you to the MPH program at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University? 

The location, diverse faculty, the population the campus serves, and the Health Policy and Management (HPMG) course curriculum.


2. What is your favorite aspect of the program? 

I like the up-to-date and interesting articles and assignments that were given in class. I also appreciate the support I received from my advisor as well as the independence I was provided in deciding my concentration and courses. I also appreciate the flexibility that the program offers for working class students.


3. Can you recall a memorable in-class or general SUNY Downstate experience that struck you as particularly meaningful? 

An experience that struck me as meaningful was that while I was taking online or hybrid courses, I still felt like I was in the classroom because of the faculty interaction on Blackboard and the teamwork that my classmates and I did to help us successfully complete our MPH degree. In addition, having an advisor who not only understood me and my challenges but was also willing to help and give great advice/insight enhanced my experience at SUNY Downstate.


4. How did Downstate’s MPH program help prepare you for your next steps? 

Downstate’s MPH program helped me prepare for the next step by teaching me and framing my mindset to be a great multitasker, a problem solver, and an organized young woman. 


5. Do you have any advice for your fellow students who might be interested in this program? 

Do not be afraid to ask questions to faculty or your peers because you may miss out on an opportunity.