Vision, Mission and Goals


To lead the way to urban health equity in New York and beyond.


The mission of the School of Public Health is to improve the health status of urban and immigrant populations by educating the next generation of diverse public health leaders, conducting innovative research that promotes health equity, and enhancing public health practice that transforms policy implementation and interventions to create healthy communities.

Priority Strategic Goals

  • Advance the Education of Motivated Future Public Health Leaders
  • Create and Deliver Leading Educational Programs.
  • Advance Practice-Changing Research
  • Ensure Impactful Community Engagement
  • Maintain a Culture of Excellence, Equity, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness

View the SPH 2030 IMPACT Strategic Plan (PDF 9.7MB)


  • Health Equity -  To minimize the health impacts of racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation and other forms of stigma and discrimination, we actively promote health equity in all aspects of educational instruction, research, and service activities.
  • Social Justice - Everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities, including the right to good health. We work to reduce health and income inequalities that are avoidable, unnecessary, and unjust.
  • Optimism - We believe that public health practices yield measurable and sustainable benefits to society and improve population health in the future.
  • Compassion -  We seek to empathize with a wide array of diverse communities, recognizing the common humanity that binds us all together and the mutual struggle to achieve and maintain well-being.
  • Service - Service to our community allows us to understand the needs of our community more deeply and voice them with the community. We live in diverse neighborhoods with socioeconomic disadvantages and strong assets, and it is an honor and a privilege to learn and work with them. Serving our community is our number one priority and is integral to what we do every day.
  • Collaboration - We cultivate interdisciplinary approaches to public health challenges both within the University and through a partnership with community-based organizations, businesses, healthcare organizations, and health departments. We will build our collaboration on the principles of reciprocal relationships, co-learning, partnership and transparency, honesty, and trust.