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The primary goal of the programs offered by the Office of Academic Services is to help SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University students achieve their full academic potential. In order to achieve this goal, OAS provides academic counseling, content tutorials, and testing in both individual and group settings for students in all schools and colleges at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, including College of Health-Related Professions, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies, and the School of Public Health.

The OAS works closely with students, deans and faculty by offering programs on efficient and effective approaches to learning in all schools and colleges. Seminars, workshops, and/or individual training are provided in, but not limited to the following areas:

Exam Taking Strategies

Students learn new exam taking skills which enable them to complete exams in a timely manner and avoid careless errors. Problem solving and reasoning skills are addressed in this context. Seminars on how to prepare for exams, and individual counseling regarding overcoming exam taking anxiety are also available.

Memory Strategies

Approaches to improving working memory and effort regulation are presented to help ensure effective, long-term mastery of the plethora of facts and details. Instruction on how to organize, select resources for, and implement an efficient learning review is offered.

Reading Efficiency

Advice is offered on how to use, read and integrate texts with other study resources.

Resource Management

Strategies for the use of a multitude of learning resources including lectures, labs, textbooks, class handouts, computer programs, small group instruction, and problem sets — to mention just a few are provided. Students are advised on methods to develop time effective and organized approaches to learning using these resources.

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies

Students are advised on methods of knowledge organization, elaboration, rehearsal and integration of information to facilitate long term retention of information and effective problem solving.

Time Management

Approaches to implementing an efficient study program that includes effective organization and management of time are offered to help students learn to plan their classes, study time, leisure and day to day living activities in order to attain high levels of productivity. Advice on time management for studying efficiently is offered.

Tutorial program

Peer tutorial programs are available to all students. Upper level students, who are trained and supervised as tutors, provide both individual and group tutorials.

For further information, contact:

Seth Langley, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services, Academic Affairs

Phone: 718.270.7536
Office Location: HSEB Room 6-027
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm (earlier or later when necessary)