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Paulette Bernd, PhD

Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

Research at Downstate:

The Role of Neurotrophins in Avian Development - My laboratory focused on the role of the nerve growth factor (NGF) family of neurotrophins in the early stages of neuronal development. In addition to NGF, this family includes brain-derived neurotrophic factor, neurotrophin-3 and neurotrophin-4/5. We have determined that receptors for these neurotrophins appear during the initial formation of the nervous system, and examined the role of neurotrophins in the neural plate, neural crest and several peripheral ganglia (dorsal root ganglia, sympathetic ganglia, cochlear and vestibular ganglia). In particular, we concentrated on the neural crest cells that contribute to the formation of the heart. We used both in vitro and in vivo techniques to determine neurotrophins effects on such parameters as survival, neurite outgrowth, speed of migration, and neurotransmitter levels.

Teaching at Downstate:

With respect to teaching, in the medical school I was the Block Director for the Musculoskeletal Block and Discipline Director for Gross Cell Biology. I also taught Embryology in the medical school. In the graduate school, I taught in the Molecular and Cellular Biology course.

Research at Columbia:

The Role of Trb3 in Neuronal Cell Death in Parkinson’s disease - Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common neurodegenerative movement disorder and is characterized by the progressive loss of several neuronal populations in several areas of the brain, particularly the substantia nigra. The therapeutic approaches for the treatment of PD ameliorate some of the clinical symptoms, but do not halt or slow disease progression. Previous studies in mice and rats have demonstrated that the pro-apoptotic gene, Trib3, is induced in various cell death paradigms.  We are examining the role of Trib3 in neuron death (apoptosis) with samples from human patients. Understanding the mechanism of cell death, such as the role Trb3 might play, will enable us to better target the development of drugs for the treatment of PD.

Teaching at Columbia:

I am the course director for Clinical Gross Anatomy for first year medical and dental students.  I also lecture in the Human Development portion of the Molecular Mechanisms course.

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