College of Medicine Faculty

photo of Ellen Berkowitz

Ellen Berkowitz, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Education, Clinical Advisory Dean
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

photo of Riccardo Bianchi

Riccardo Bianchi, PhD

Associate Dean for Foundations of Medicine
Associate Professor Physiology and Pharmacology

Photo of Carla Boutin-Foster

Carla Boutin-Foster, MD, MSc

Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean, Office of Diversity Education and Research
Associate Vice President For Institutional Equity

Ross Clinchy, PhD

Ross Clinchy, PhD

Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs

Photo of Bonnie Granat

Bonnie Granat, MS Ed, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Assessment and Quality Improvement
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Photo of Elka Jacobson-Dickman

Elka Jacobson-Dickman, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine

Anthony Joseph, MD

Anthony Joseph, MD

Dean of Admissions

Photo of Jason M. Lazar

Jason M. Lazar, MD, MPH

Vice Dean for Education, and Chair of the newly created Department of Medical Education
Professor and Clinical Assistant Dean in the College of Medicine, Molecular and Cell Biology and Neurology, and in the School of Public Health
Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology

Dianne Lopez

Dianne Lopez

Executive Assistant to Dean
College of Medicine

Photo of Brian Keith McNeil

Brian Keith McNeil, MD, MBA, FACS

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Associate Professor of Clinical Urology

Photo of Robin K. Ovitsh

Robin K. Ovitsh, MD

Associate Dean of Clinical Competencies
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Helen Poncet

Helen Poncet

College of Medicine

Photo of Antonia Quinn

Antonia Quinn, DO

Associate Dean of Clinical Skills, Unit 1 Co-director
Associate Professor-Emergency Medicine

  • (718) 270-1697
Elizabeth Smith, BA

Elizabeth Smith, BA

Senior Associate Dean for Administration

Bridgette Stevens

Bridgette Stevens

Director of Fiscal Affairs

Photo of Fred Volkert

Fredric C. Volkert, PhD

Teaching Associate Professor
Cell Biology
Associate Dean for Educational Development

College of Medicine

  • Phone: (718) 270-3173
  • Fax: (718) 270-4074