Juan Marcos Alarcón, PhD

Juan Marcos Alarcón, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
Division of Neuroscience


Office location: 4-113
Lab Tel: (718) 221-5325

Research Interest Summary

Understanding how the brain changes with experience is a fundamental question in neuroscience. Our research projects attempt to address this question by characterizing how neuronal and synaptic circuit function changes by experience-driven neural activity.

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Research Questions
  • How are memory experiences organized within neural ensembles and synaptic circuits?
  • What processes and mechanisms underlie the organization of a memory?
  • How does the organization of a memory evolve over time?
  • How do new memory experiences shape an extant memory organization?


R25 NS120283 01 (Alarcon, Libien, mPI) 01/01/21-12/31/25
NINDS, “REACH pipeline summer research experience for minority and underrepresented high school and undergraduate students.” 
The Research Experience in Autism for College and High School students (REACH) is an eight-week pipeline summer course for minorities and underrepresented students interested in the field of neuroscience. REACH’s long- term goal is to increase access and retention of underrepresented minorities in science and their representation and decision-making influence within our nation.

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