Wellness Series

We are thrilled to announce our Wellness Series, a Health & Wellness Virtual Series put together for you to focus on healthy minds and healthy bodies. We hope to drive healthier habits and foster resilience within our Downstate community.

EAP Services & Work-Life Balance | Magda Alliancin, EdD

Yoga Mindfulness

Stress Management/Anxiety | Eva Spears-Smith, LCSW

Fitness/ Physical Activity Wellness

“Live Long and Stay Healthy: 6 Simple Lifestyle Behaviors Anyone Can Do.” | Richard Rosenfeld, MD

Self-Care in the Workplace | Michelle Melendez, LCSW, CASAC

Mental Health | Mafuzur Rahman, MD Medicine & Ramaswamy Viswanathan, MD

Mindful Eating | Nutrition Cooking Demo

Hypertension | Mona Pervil Ulysse, MD

SUNY Downstate's Health & Wellness Program