Hematology/ Urinalysis Collection

Blood Collection

All specimens must be labeled with a CERNER barcode label, including the date and time of specimen collection. If the computer is not functioning, label the specimen with the patient's name, financial number and location.

Hematology and coagulation testing routinely utilizes anticoagulants. Mixing of all test tubes by gently inverting the tubes is important for anti clotting. Clotted specimens are to be discarded.

  • Coagulation testing requires 3.2% liquid sodium citrate as the anticoagulant. UHD stocks the 2.7 mL draw plastic blue stopper vacutainer tube, which contains 0.3 mL of the anticoagulant. The ratio of blood to anticoagulant must be 9:1 to obtain accurate results. Minimum fill allowable is 90% (2.4 mL). Do not under fill or overfill these tubes.

Exception: polycythemic patients (hematocrit >55%). Ratio must be 19:1 (1.9 ml blood added to 0.1 ml of anticoagulant). Contact laboratory to obtain specially prepared tube.

If unable to collect coagulation specimen by venipuncture and specimen must be drawn through an indwelling catheter, the line must be flushed with 5 mL of saline and the first 5 mL of blood or six dead space volumes of the catheter discarded.

Specimens for Coagulation testing must be received within 4 hours of collection.

  • Hematology testing requires K2EDTA as the anticoagulant. UHD stocks the 3 mL lavender stoppered tubes and the 500 mL lavender microtainer tubes.
  • Clinical Microscopy (Urinalysis) Testing requires 10 mL of preferably the first-morning voided urine specimen. However, any random urine specimen is acceptable.

Urine Collection

The urine specimen should be tested with 1–2 hours of collection. If the specimen cannot be delivered to the laboratory within this time period, it should be refrigerated as soon as possible after collection and a notation to this effect written on the specimen.

Collect the specimen in a clean, leak proof, particle-free inert container.

Clean Voided Specimen Collection using the Mid-Stream Urine Collector Kit.

  • Wash hands with soap
  • Remove towelettes.
  • Cleanse genital area with towelettes.
    • Females: Separate folds of urinary opening with thumb and forefinger and clean inside with towelettes, using downward strokes only; keep separate during urination into container.
    • Males: Clean head of penis.
  • Remove collection device. DO NOT TOUCH INSIDE OF RING OR CONTAINER.
  • Begin urination into toilet. As urination continues, bring container into stream. FILL SPECIMEN CONTAINER ONLY HALFWAY.
  • Remove ring from container by twisting.
  • Remove cap from package with thumb and forefinger. DO NOT TOUCH INSIDE OF CAP.
  • Screw cap on container.