Urine Specimen Collection

All urine containers for 24 hour urine chemistries must be obtained from Central Sterile or from the Clinics. Only a 15 ml aliquot in most cases is required for the laboratory. Volume must be measured and recorded on the request slips. DO NOT send container.

All urine containers for endocrine testing must me obtained from Clinical Chemistry and 100 ml. aliquot for each test required sent to the laboratory.

Routine Urine Chemistries

Procedure for collecting 24 hour urine specimens:

First urine voided upon awakening in morning should be discarded and the time of avoiding noted.

Start urine collection from noted time and collect all further voidings in the proper collection container.

Keep urine refrigerated as much as possible.

Terminate urine collection the next morning at the previously noted time. For example: If started at 8 AM, stop collecting urine after 8 AM the next morning.

The total volume of urine collected during the 24 hour period must be accurately measured and an aliquot submitted to chemistry.

The total volume (TV) must be noted on the computer bar code label.

Aliquot should be placed in leak-tight container. The container must be properly labeled with a bar code label.

Any urine specimen collected for Endocrine analysis must be accurately measured; 100 ml aliquots for each test requested sent to clinical chemistry so that sample can be sent to the appropriate reference laboratory. Total volume must written on accompanying request. No urines will be accepted that ate leaking or do not indicate total volume.