Patient Safety & Quality

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University takes great pride in providing patients and their family members with optimal medical and preventative care. Our hospital-wide Patient Safety curriculum is sculpted out of the standards of the National Patient Safety Goals and places strong emphasis on a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to patient management. Downstate’s commitment to safety and prevention is demonstrated along all levels of leadership and frontline professionals, from the President to the Chief Executive Officer to the Chief Medical Officer, to the attendings, residents, nurses, and frontline staff members.

Over the years, Downstate has maintained a high standard of healthcare through various means of patient safety initiatives, including recurrent training programs, cross monitoring of staff, and evidence-based educational curriculums. This systematic, proactive process has equipped Downstate members with sound clinical decision making and communication skills to prevent, identify, and rapidly resolve any medical errors and patient safety issues. Each healthcare provider and staff member is also encouraged to partake in all safety initiatives, review and share findings, and collaboratively implement any necessary action plans.

In addition to incorporating a reliable and safe patient environment, SUNY Downstate’s Patient Safety Program is dedicated to managing complex care across the continuum. As leading innovators of research, education, and clinical management, we are continually enhancing our patient safety reforms/protocols to better serve community members. Managing hospital overcrowding, addressing overuse of services, and identifying behaviors and cultural attributes that drive performance are just some of the many facets that contribute to our overall culture of safety.

There is no doubt that Downstate’s mission to provide high quality, compassionate patient care is reflected in our daily practice of clinical medicine. We truly believe that our patient safety and educational initiatives greatly encourage partnerships between clinician and patient which, in turn, promote individuals and families to take an active role in their own health. Furthermore, we are confident that not only will you enjoy your hospital stay, but you will leave with the confidence that you or your loved one is in good hands.

We have designed our Patient Safety website with you in mind. It is filled with a plethora of resources for Downstate staff, patients, family, and community members. Please feel free to navigate through accordingly, and as with any of our services, we welcome any comments or feedback.

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