Visiting Scholars and Research Volunteers

Downstate fully supports hosting domestic and international visitors on campus. It is important to ensure that all individuals are properly authorized to engage in collaborative research and are not debarred and/or suspended; therefore all visitors must be screened for restricted party affiliations, either through their current U.S. institution or Downstate.

Additional due diligence is required if the visitor is from a sanctioned country or is a restricted party; therefore it is important to conduct a restricted party screening before issuing an invitation to an international visiting scholar or scientist.

Further, it is equally important to ensure that the individual is only given access to University space and systems that are appropriate for the proposed work.

NIH regulations

  • Apply to foreign involvement in any of the work scope, regardless of whether NIH funds are actually expended to directly pay for such involvement. Remuneration is not a factor when it comes to foreign influence;
  • The policy also applies to unfunded collaborations where a foreign entity or person performs work contributing to the NIH work scope, at no charge to the NIH grant (e.g., performing an analysis, animal study);
  • Remind the research community that “receipt of financial support or resources from a foreign entity” includes visiting scientists funded by foreign sources who are engaged in NIH work scope while collaborating with NIH-funded faculty in the U.S. are considered “participants” and must be reported to NIH. See RPPR instruction guide dated May 22, 2017, 6.4 Section D – Participants.

NIH expects researchers—at a minimum—to disclose the in-kind support that visiting scientists provide as part of the “Other Support” portion of the grant application. Furthermore, NIH also requires prior approval of a foreign component if the visiting scientist will continue to perform any of the NIH grant work scope upon return to their home country.

See more on Foreign Influence and other federal sponsors policies and procedures as it relates to Visiting Scholars and Volunteers (including students).

Please contact Sponsored Programs Administration for assistance in this policy and screening.