Funding Opportunities for Students and Fellows

Finding funding can be challenging for even the most senior investigators. Introducing PIVOT, a tool that will not only provide access to hundreds of funding opportunities but will also allow you to search for specific funding opportunities based on a profile you create, as well as the ability to find collaborators, create groups and more!

As a Graduate Student, Medical Student or Postdoctoral Fellow, you'll also be able to use the system to find collaborators, mentors, etc. Using Pivot, you'll be able to upload Manuscripts, Abstracts and more!

Instructions for using PIVOT are below, along with YouTube videos to assist you in navigating the system.

You must have a '' email address to use the system. The system allows for 'Single-Sign-On' (SSO) which allows you to use your NetID from a campus computer. Instructions for logging in, running searches, etc. are all identified below in the following instructions.

Specific curated searches for Postdoctoral, Graduate Student and Fellowship Funding Opportunities are below, for ease of finding current opportunities. Also featured below is a simple search tool that allows you to enter keywords to find funding opportunities. Funding Opportunities for Faculty and other researchers can be found on the Funding Opportunities page.

In addition to the information below, we encourage you to review our Tools For Researchers and Training materials, both pages can be found using the links to the right.

All extramural funding requires the review and submission of Sponsored Programs Administration. Please review our submission process page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Pivot is a funding opportunities and scholars database updated daily that allows users to receive results in a variety of ways. All Downstate faculty, staff and students can access Pivot.
To get an account, go here. Click on 'Use login from my institution,' to get the most out of Pivot. Only those using a '' email address will be able to access Pivot. Click here to learn more about accounts.

Pivot creates profiles for faculty members based on their academic department websites. As a student, you can create a profile to highlight your Manuscripts, Abstracts and any publications you've worked on. Profiles can be used to find collaborators, find funding or share opportunities. These can be modified and updated as you see fit. If you are a faculty member, you probably already have a profile, and need to claim it. Follow the instructions found here to either claim or create a profile, if one does not exist already.

It is not necessary to have a profile to use Pivot, but it will enhance the experience and enable other features, such as the Pivot Adviser, which recommends opportunities to an account holder based on their profile.

The Funding page allows you to search for funding opportunities. You can either do a quick search or an advanced search. A quick search can be done by entering keywords into the search widget below. Advanced searches give you the chance to zero-in on funding opportunities that are a better fit for the type of research you are looking for. Tips for refining your search results can be found here.

The Keyword function is the primary index whereby opportunities are organized. Try entering keywords first before using the text boxes.

Initially you might wish to keep search terms broad (wide scope). Depending on the number of opportunities that are retrieved, you may then wish to add additional filters, i.e. the narrow scope terms: Example: engineering vs. nanotechnology. You have to balance the frustration of receiving too many opportunities over too wide a range vs. that of receiving nothing on a week to week basis due to the narrow focus of a search.

There is a technique whereby you can cast a “broad net” using a higher level of keyword to return opportunities, then use the text search box to look for opportunities that include key terms related to faculty interests at a more focused level. Example: keyword = engineering (broad net) plus text search = nanotechnology.

Avoid using the exclusion filters unless absolutely certain – you may lose many opportunities unnecessarily.

Pivot gives you options for following funding opportunities. It also allows you to easily share opportunities with colleagues.
Yes, it can be found here. This guide is very useful in explaining step-by-step how to get the most out of Pivot.

Find Funding Opportunities (ExLibris PIVOT)

Using ExLibris Pivot is a trusted source for global funding information that can save searches and track funding opportunities, discover collaborators. and get tailored funding recommendations and alerts.

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Targeted Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are below based on a curated search.

Any opportunity listed below with the word 'Limited' in front of it requires SVPR Approval prior to preparing submission documents. Please coordinate this with the SVPRs office.