• Seed grant program applications should be submitted via the Downstate Application Portal.  Log in using Downstate email credentials. The due date for applications is April 10, 2024. Please see announcement here
  • DHSU Research Symposium Program

The Office of the SVPR aims to advance research and discovery efforts across the DHSU community by promoting and enhancing collaborations among investigators. Through the support of Research Symposia, the Office of the SVPR aims to: 1) better inform the DHSU community (both faculty and trainees) about the diverse ongoing research efforts on campus; 2) kindle new and expanded research collaborations by facilitating face-to-face interactions; 3) identify tangible next steps towards building integrated research programs; and 4) help faculty prepare to respond to future collaborative extramural research grants. Creating synergies among DHSU investigators could also help individual projects expand into larger programs with increased impact and visibility.

Please find details here along with the agenda template

Previous Symposia supported by this program

  • Grant Writing Support

We are pleased to launch two programs to provide grant writing support to faculty at Downstate. Faculty can request only ONE of the following services at a given time.

1) The Grant-Writing Consultancy Service Initiative will enable faculty to request services from recommended grant writing consultancy firms.

2) Mentorship Financial Support Request will enable faculty to work with a newly identified grant-writing mentor and request funds to compensate the mentor for their time and effort / support Request